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Made In Brum is an unofficial Blues fanzine, founded by Dave Thomas in 2000. Since then, it has seen off the competition and is now the only remaining unofficial Birmingham City match day magazine.

So what is a fanzine? It is a publication where supporters of the club can put their view across and rant, if they wish. Not all contributors agree with each other. In fact, that is rarely the case.

Many people favour a fanzine over an official programme as it gives a balanced point of view with none of this ‘sitting-on-the-fence’ nonsense that you read via the official channels. We tell it how we see it!!

In early March 2013 , the website was taken on by Blues Collective to give an avenue to creative writers to share their thoughts with fellow bluenoses.

The idea of the MiB online sources was to bring Blues Fans news and views. As the hard copy of the fanzine is sold before a home game, it is very time restricted, so the website was a way to get the points across in between issues.

Most online articles do not feature in the fanzine- let’s face it, if they did, what would be the point in buying it?

We strive to bring Bluenoses accurate and well-written articles. We try to establish a humorous element as well as a serious one. We comment on speculation, but don’t create it.

We take criticism very well… doesn’t mean we’ll listen to you or take it on board, but we take it well!

Finally, as you’ve probably gathered, we are not an official product of Birmingham City FC, nor are we endorsed by them in any way. The views published in the fanzine or via our online sources are the views of the author, not the football club or Made in Brum.

If you have any comments, contact us via the ‘contact us’ page at the top of this site.


One thought on “About MIB

  1. Graham says:

    Miss your magazine, now in Spain

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