Red Storm

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January 15, 2022 by Stephen L Wright

The 58th minute back pass from Scott, in the Manchester United half, to Ramsey, which missed the keeper by miles and went for a corner, pretty much summed up today’s performance from Blues. All the euphoria from last week’s incredible win over Arsenal shrank like a deflated party balloon.

Darren Carter made no changes to last week’s Starting XI and supporters were understandably geed up for another dominant match. From the first whistle it was eminently clear that all the old ways had come back with a vengeance. United were given complete freedom to play the ball around and drive Blues onto the back foot, forcing the visitors to circle the wagons in their area as they desperately fought to keep the ball out of their net; three goals followed in rapid fire succession.

The harrying play Blues had meted out to Arsenal was delivered back to them tenfold by United. On the few occasions when Blues did get the ball they didn’t keep it for long; they were quickly dispossessed or passes went wide or long. Emily Ramsey had been protected last week as her teammates kept the ball well away from her area. Today, she showed how much she struggles under pressure; that said, three of the five goals even Marie Hourihan would have had difficulty keeping out.

Lucy Quinn was unlucky not to score in the 61st minute as her powerful strike cannoned off the goal post; it would only have been the merest of consolations.

So there we go; another day another defeat; but we go again. Next up, Blues are back on the road against Reading. Preview to follow. Until then stay safe and…



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