They can do it

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January 11, 2022 by Stephen L Wright

As I write this, staff, players and supporters will still be on that high delivered in Sunday’s stunning performance by a squad imbued by the encouragement and work of Darren Carter, Marcus Bignot and their colleagues. Any team keeping a clean sheet against the league leaders is a great thing to see; but to do that when you’re struggling to stay out of the relegation spot is another level.

Can the squad ‘Keep Right On’ doing the same, beginning with Manchester United on Saturday? That’s a question, or at least its spirit, that has surely been on the lips of the coaching staff and players: ‘You can do this!’ ‘We can do this!’

United currently sit in fourth place. Their last game was at home to Aston Villa on 19th December; last week’s game at West Ham being Covid-postponed. So, by Saturday, they won’t have played for nearly a month. Now I know that Blues have only played one extra game; but pitch time is so important. They’ve blown away the Christmas break cobwebs – and Arsenal – and they’re on a roll – albeit slight. United have dominated the play in their last two games – the other being against Brighton. That game was their first league win since October. I believe that Blues have a real opportunity to see them off; and I don’t make that statement simply as a Blues’ supporter; I base it on what we witnessed two afternoons ago. Blues can do this.

Report to follow. Until then, keep safe and…



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