Joys and sorrows


December 6, 2021 by Stephen L Wright

I wrote my last post twelve months ago today. Then life got in the way. Now things have settled down, and realising when I last wrote, I thought it only appropriate that I pick it up on this date.

Twelve months ago was also four months into a new era with a revitalised team under the coaching of Carla Ward. At that stage the team was on fire and sitting seventh in the table, a mere point behind big rivals Reading. I won’t go through the rest of the season, but those of you who know, or care, know that Blues only managed to earn six more points in the thirteen remaining games and Carla Ward departed.

Uncertainty again for supporters as they awaited the appointment of a new Head Coach. Scott Booth was that appointee and the feeling was a positive one. Here was another experienced coach who had led his previous team to glory. Again, I don’t have to recount what transpired during his very short tenure.

So, I prepare to see my fifth Head Coach take the helm since I began following Blues’ Women (or Ladies as they were then). Darren Carter also comes with experience and if you cut him in half you’d see BCFC written through him like a stick of rock.

His first game is at home against Manchester City, who currently sit five places above Blues, with 9 points to their 1. It’s going to be a tough game. Man City may be struggling but should never be underestimated. They still have the firepower. How Coach Carts will meet this challenge will be played out on Sunday. We should see early on if he’s managed to stir up the fire in the players’ bellies that they so desperately need and whether they are showing the self-belief that they can score goals and gain points.

I hope we get a good turnout. The players and Darren deserve it.

I’ll be back for my thoughts on the game. Until then stay safe and…



2 thoughts on “Joys and sorrows

  1. Steve says:

    in all fairness couldnt give 2 hoots about the womens team. sorry if this offends but when I see headlines on platforms like Blues sign this or blues do that I want to see the mens team I have supported 44 years.

  2. Stephen L Wright says:

    Steve, thanks for taking the time to read my post and then leave a comment. No offence taken at all. Amongst the many Blues’ supporters are those who support both teams and those who support one. At the end of the day we’re all Bluenoses. Stay safe and KRO.

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