Ian Danter this Monday.


March 5, 2021 by srbradio1

Big Blues fan, broadcaster and musician Ian Danter joins us this Monday on the Tilton Talk Show, in fact Dants is up for his third appearance!

Make sure you tune live on Monday at 7.30pm on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Tilton Talk


One thought on “Ian Danter this Monday.

  1. Bryan Chatham says:

    What Musical instrument do you play Ian….I’m a Semi Pro Sax Player and a Big Blues fan.
    Music has kept me sane over the last year during Covid .Unlike the exploits ,both on and off the pitch of our Beloved Football team.
    Blues Timing and Rhythm is sadly lacking at times.
    But practice makes perfect and the signs are there now, It’s just unfortunate that the next few matches are against top teams in very good form. I believe we will survive but only just.
    so no surprises there then.

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