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September 26, 2020 by Stephen L Wright

Blues are back at Brighton & Hove Albion tomorrow, three weeks to the day when they opened the season with a loss.

Tomorrow’s postponed FA Cup Quarter Final will be another hard fought contest as the winner will take on the winner in the clash between Everton and Chelsea, also played tomorrow.

In their last meeting, Blues played well in the first third of the game, but it broke down soon after and it was back to the ‘old ways’ that fans thought were long gone. One week later it was a different story as Blues hosted Man Utd. But Carla Ward’s ‘hungry’ players lost their appetite and the match.

As you would expect, Ward was both positive and philosophical in her pre-match interview: “The girls are enjoying themselves at the moment and they want to get out there and play. Key relationships are starting to develop and that’s important. Time is a massive healer [talking about the first game], even just having those few weeks we look in far better shape and condition.

Speaking to fans two weeks ago, Ward was open in the way she talked about her relationship with the players and we were left in no doubt that her philosophy is one that will give the players the drive, determination and belief they need to go out and win games. We certainly saw lots of drive and determination in the Man Utd game. Can the players show us lots more as well as the belief they can win?

I’ll be back with an analysis. Until then…



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