Let the People Speak


September 5, 2020 by Stephen L Wright

My last blog before the season opener is turned over to the fans…

On the new Head Coach:

I have full confidence that Carla Ward will get the best out of the players she has at her disposal.

Carla seems to have a good attitude but that needs to be taken on board by others who work for the club.

I think Carla Ward seems like a really good appointment. She’s had relative success in her early managerial career, showing that she has the leadership attributes & skills needed. It’s an enormous task that she has though with a largely inexperienced squad at her disposal.”

“I am delighted with the appointment of Carla Ward.”

The appointment of head coach Carla Ward has been a most vital cog in the engine as she will have been key in the appointment of all the new players.

On the new signings

The recent acquisitions made show promise, with a mix of youth and experience but more are needed and time is running out. It feels like Blues have left it late in the day and will be scratching around now for the crumbs leftover.”

There have not been enough and we still have an obvious and glaring lack of a dedicated goal-scorer (though I appreciate this is the hardest position to fill).

On the season ahead

Survival is going to be extremely tough.

“It’s not going to be easy but I think everyone is realistic about that right now. It’s a long season with plenty of twists and turns ahead for us but we must remain confident that we can beat the drop once more.

Hopefully, Blues can start to turn things around.

Success this season will be not finishing bottom and if we achieve that then Carla deserves the plaudits.

Hopefully this season is one of turning the corner and giving ourselves a platform to build from in the future. There will be some tough times, but with Carla in charge we have a chance of achieving our aims.

I think it is going to be a huge battle to stay up but in any case, my hopes for the season are more to do with seeing players who play for each other, the manager and the fans in a unified way and crucially who enjoy themselves while doing so.

The Villa games could be huge in the relegation battle to come.

On the Club

It feels [like] we are being left behind at a time when Womens’ football is on the rise.

The club still do not engage with the supporters.

That’s what these fans think. I’d be delighted to read your thoughts.




4 thoughts on “Let the People Speak

  1. Michael Maybury says:

    Unfair to indicate others at the club are not working hard. I know everyone there is giving more than 100%. Let’s not judge when we do not what goes on

    • Stephen L Wright says:

      Thanks for your comment, Michael. This is how one fan sees it from their standpoint. I appreciate your taking the time to post your view. Healthy debate is always welcome here.

  2. Tmsblues1 says:

    Whoever said this just couldn’t be more right! “It feels [like] we are being left behind at a time when Womens’ football is on the rise’’
    It seems like the club just don’t understand how difficult it will be to recover WSLleague status if it is lost.
    The blues have had some great players in recent seasons and helped make us a top 4 challenging team that everyone feared.
    Now the experienced and skilful team members have been allowed to leave it’s going to be a really difficult challenge for Carla and the mainly youngsters that remain. Nevertheless I see in the appointment of Carla a glimmer of hope for the future just think the rebuilding job she has is much too late in the day .

    • Stephen L Wright says:

      As usual I will agree with you to a point. However, I don’t agree that all the experienced and skillful players have left. And we have had experience and skill come through the door. I see more than a glimmer of hope in Wardy. She knows how to motivate a team and lead it to the very brink of promotion. The proof as always is in the consuming.

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