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July 2, 2020 by Stephen L Wright

It only seems like yesterday since we were in despair over the number of players leaving the club. And here we are again.

I looked back at my 2019 pre-season post when I pondered on the situation. And I was full of optimism. Not like others, who said that we would definitely not do better than the previous season’s fourth place. In fact we would do worse – much worse. And they were right. But does that make me despondent? Not a bit.

At this time last year we had barely enough players in the First Team to enter a six-a-side tournament. Then things started to change. New players came in and manager Marta Tejedor was optimism itself. By September we had a squad of players able to switch up their game. Changes also meant chances for some of our Academy players, and what a breath of fresh air they were.

The season began and my post-game reports reflected an increasingly despondent situation. Far from the ‘switch up’ style that had been promised there was more of the same and the ‘Vital Third’ was a phrase that appeared, and was analysed, more than once. We had goal scorers but they weren’t scoring goals. Chances were made but not taken. Something wasn’t right.

The further we got into the season the worse the situation became. The weather played havoc with the schedule, but we were holding on and had just progressed to the last sixteen of the FA Cup when Covid arrived. Lock Down was called. The season abandoned.

Despite the departure of Marta Tejedor, and fans clearly happier for that, seven players have left. Just three fewer than last year.

I’m not despondent. OK, I called it wrong on how well we would do last season but we were still in with a chance in the FA Cup. Now we have another opportunity to bring the Academy players into the limelight and the First Team. It’s not going to be easy, and they’ll have experience alongside them. Of course it would also be good to see some experienced players brought into the fold, too. But, as usual with this club, we’ll have to wait and see.

So, despite all, it’s not over yet. And with a new sponsor there really is only one thing to say – JUST DO IT!

Keep safe and #KRO


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