Seeing Red

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December 13, 2019 by Stephen L Wright

Two evenings ago, Blues hosted Man Utd for the first of two home games: Continental Cup and League.

Now, let’s be honest, it was never going to be the case that Blues would beat their opponents by four clear goals – the number needed to stay in the competition. But, after a convincing win at Bristol last Sunday, fans were confident the team would put in a strong 90 minutes.

With the echo of the kickoff whistle still ringing round the stadium Man Utd scored as Alex Brooks fumbled a catch. Not a good start. And, sadly, not confined to the start as Blues struggled to find the rhythm they had exhibited at Bristol. Man Utd continued to push into the last third and the six-yard box. Consequently, they scored again with another messy goal – but they all count.

Then Blues settled down and started to put moves together, and their efforts paid off as Connie Scofield dinked the ball over Utd’s defence to Rachel Williams. She tipped it off her head to birthday girl Abbi Grant and it was now 1-2. It also made it three goals in three games for Grant.

In the second half, Blues continued to play as they had finished the first. As the half progressed fresh legs came with Freya Gregory, Ella Powell and Laura Brown (both making their first team debut). All three got stuck in and helped keep up the pace.

The game ended 1-3.

So we go again on Sunday and, where Wednesday’s game wasn’t really that important this one is. Currently, Utd sit in 4th place with 15 points whilst Blues are 9th with 7. It goes without saying that we need all the points we can get. But Utd have a game to lose. We must make it happen.



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