Not unexpected


November 25, 2019 by Stephen L Wright

OK, let’s get the bad news out of the way first.  A loss was not unexpected against the league leaders but, in the end, it was a comprehensive loss. That’s all I’ll say about that.

The good news is that a team, still deprived of three key players, didn’t buckle but dug deep and took the game to Chelsea for a decent period in the first half and for a few heart stopping moments in the second.

Once again, Marta Tejedor had to call on Academy players, Lily Simkin and Freya Gregory, to fill the ranks. This time it was Simkin who got the start and she threw herself into the fray. She played the full 90 and was a joy to watch, with some excellent linking play and a solid ‘dig’ at goal. Gregory came on as a second half sub and was immediately in action down the left, harrying and parrying. Both are ones to watch.

One player recovered from last week was Rach Williams. I managed a word with her as she did a bit of warming up. Cleared by the physio to play, Marta had said on Saturday she would have thirty minutes field time. Sadly, that didn’t happen. Although I doubt it would have made a difference to the overall result, it’s more than possible we could have got on the scoresheet.

Next Sunday’s home game against Tottenham has been rescheduled to 4th December. That one will be an interesting tussle, too.



4 thoughts on “Not unexpected

  1. Alan Watton says:

    Womens team has been neglected and is badly Run

  2. Stephen L Wright says:

    Thanks for your comment, Alan. I certainly agree with the neglected part and that it is badly run by the Board. The Manager and General Manager are doing what they can with limited resources and the Coaching Staff are putting in the hours. It’s money where mouth is time if the Board wants to keep a women’s WSL team.

  3. Roy Smith says:

    Women’s football has been ruined in the same way as the Premiership. A small number of rich clubs buy up everyone that has got 2 legs and the rest can’t compete.

  4. Stephen L Wright says:

    Thanks for your comment, Roy, and to a point I agree. However, unlike the Premiership, you’ll find nothing like the number of foreign players and I don’t think you ever will. Nevertheless, as you say, money is king. The Chelseas, the Man Citys and the Man Utds will always do well. The players we have are quality. We need more players. The only way that will happen is for the Club to offer worthwhile contracts and that means the parent Club putting its hand in its pocket. We wait and see.

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