Another one bites the dust

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October 13, 2019 by Stephen L Wright

There’s another line from that iconic song that says ‘How long can you stand the heat?’ In the first half of today’s game against Man City I’d say very well. In fact, in the first third it was Blues who took the game to the opponents. In fact, they rattled them. But…

Marta Tejedor disagrees. She saw it as not getting a foothold in the game. Sadly, it’s the only point on which I can disagree. The rest of her analysis equates to mine. Having worked hard to keep Man City on the back foot, Blues then retreated too deep thus giving themselves too much work to do to get forward again.

They still have a problem with keeping possession. This is largely initiated by poor passing. The number of times a pass went to a light blue shirt, even over a short distance,  was too many. And yet, knowing what was happening, the stray passes continued to happen.

Set pieces were not well executed. Two free kicks were given close to the area. Both were taken by Sarah Mayling, with Becks Holloway throwing in a dummy kick. Neither free kick worried Ellie Roebuck. In future it would be good to see Holloway take the kicks.

One positive was the last ten minutes when Blues regained some of their first half performance and powered towards the City goal. But it was all too little, too late. Much for Marta to chew over.

We were definitely missing Lucy Staniforth (carrying a knock from the ENGvBRA game) and Harriet Scott was on too late. My POTM is Bri Visalli. Everywhere on the pitch and harrying any light blue shirt that got in her way.

So, Blues sit at the bottom of the table with 0 points, whilst Man City are at the top with all 12 from four games.

Right now, it’s difficult to see Blues making any significant progress at all. But we go again at Home against Liverpool on 27th.



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