Can we do better than 4th this season?

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September 6, 2019 by Stephen L Wright

As far as the Women’s team is concerned it’s been an ‘interesting’ summer.

Top scorer Ellen White was the first to  depart having signed for Man City. She was fairly swiftly followed by nine further players and all of a sudden Twitter was buzzing. ‘What was going on?’ ‘Why was the Club not staying on top of keeping fans informed of what was going on?’ ‘Are we even going to have eleven players to field in September?’ And, of course, the blowhards weighed in – ‘Looks like you’re going to become a five-a-side club! If you even have a club at all!’, was the type of comment. But it was all chaff in the breeze.

The truth of the matter was that, as always happens, players move on. That it was such a large number was unusual but the Club was on top of the situation. The signings started to creep in and now we have a Squad of sixteen with RTC players hovering on the sidelines.

The sixteen have played five BCD games, winning three and drawing two. Although the Squad is top heavy in midfielders, manager Marta Tejedor has drawn on the flexibility of many of the players. Talking to these players at last evening’s Season Ticket Holder-exclusive Season Launch event, the overall opinion is that everyone has gelled quickly and no-one is uncomfortable ringing the changes.

So, to this post’s title. Can we do better? Well, opinion is in that we’re actually going to do worse – much worse. Thankfully, that’s an opinion held by a minority. But, in truth, time will tell. It is this commentator’s opinion that, based on Marta’s comments in interview and last evening, and talking to her players, the style of football she’s brought in, the players’ pure love for it, and the experiences in a variety of ‘arenas’  brought in by the new signings, all bodes well for a fantastic season which will see the Club back to the winning ways of seasons past.

We kick off officially against Everton on Sunday 2pm at Solihull Moors.


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