Red Button? Red Card more like!

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September 5, 2018 by Stephen L Wright

Blues Women’s fans and her family and friends, in particular, were looking forward to seeing new signing Lucy Staniforth take to the field as a Senior Lioness. They, and everyone else who tuned in to watch the game on the Red Button, were hugely disappointed as the Live Feed didn’t even give a crumb of comfort. Instead, we were subjected to a stream of musac that no self-respecting lift would be shamed into playing to its occupants.

According to the BBC, the reason for the feed failure was down to a Third Party. Understandably, the Twittersphere went ballistic,  with Tweets along the lines of: ‘If this had been the men’s game the feed would have been fixed in no time.

For Blues Women fans and family and friends, insult was added to outrage with a goal from ‘Stan’ – for which of course we congratulate her. But she and fellow players will be deeply disappointed that the game was not broadcast.

The BBC has promised highlight clips of the game. Hmmm…


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