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August 23, 2018 by Stephen L Wright

News is in that Aoife Mannion, Sarah Mayling and Paige Williams have been called up for the U-23 Squad. That’s great news but, it’s the wrong squad.

There’s been a lot of chat amongst Blues Women fans about England call ups, in particular the not calling up of Aoife to the Senior Squad, beyond training camp at St George’s. But my issue goes beyond that.

I fail to see why not just Aoife but also Sarah and Paige have not been called to the Senior Squad. With these three we have two attacking defenders (Aoife/Paige) and an attacking midfielder who can break up attacks and break through defences. So their ability can’t be brought into question and they all have the build, speed and experience to play at Senior level. Maybe it’s their ages (23, 21 & 23) that’re the issue. But that doesn’t stand up as the Senior Squad defence includes Gabrielle George and Leah Williamson (both 21) whilst in midfield is 21 year-old Keira Walsh.

So what’s the problem? Well only Phil Neville has the answer to that. He’s been seen down The Moors and it would be good to see him again. So, over to you, Mr N……





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