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August 21, 2018 by Stephen L Wright

My post on the Continental Tyres Cup game between Blues Women and Man City Women raised this question from Roy Smith:

How do you come away with a point from a cup match?

I replied and then, on reflection, thought that a post on the way the competition is organised might be helpful.

The competition begins in four Groups (mini leagues): Groups One & Two North and One & Two South. Blues are in Group One North with Man City, Sheffield Utd, Leicester City, Bristol City and Aston Villa.

Teams play each other once. If a match is won outright in 90 minutes then 3 points are earned. A draw earns each team 1 point and the winner of the penalty shoot-out (no extra time) earns a bonus point.

The top two teams from each group go on to knock-out rounds.

The Final has been pencilled in for Saturday 23rd February.



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