Rice or chips with your Embargo Sir?


August 2, 2018 by srbradio1

I’m old enough to remember going to St Andrews, when going to the game meant going to support your team, seeing your friends and having a pint ..or two.


How times have changed. A tiny minority have this insatiable appetite for wanting to know everything about the club….everything, and they want it NOW! They will not wait for the club to tell us. They want the “truth” from the social media gods/gurus who are “in the know”…..except THEY DO NOT REALLY KNOW, they can have a stab at it, and 9 times out of 10 they will probably be right. Embargo? 40 years ago that could have been a fancy French dish served in a shell at a restaurant, for what it meant to most fans of those times.

embargs (Embargos)

We went to see a game of football.

We are not going to change a thing by scrambling to be the first to “know”….. what happens ..happens! Birmingham City FC will still be here for many years to come, where, we dont know, but the the club will, and so will its fabulous fans..

Tilton Talk this coming Monday 7.30pm srbradio.com and Facebook Live (Embargo free unless anything official)

Chris Browne



4 thoughts on “Rice or chips with your Embargo Sir?

  1. Gee man says:

    Agree with everything you said mate it’s not for us fans to worry it’s them idiots the hierarchy the fans just have to put up with it as usual but we’re there through thick and thin no matter what.
    And if Gary Monk should decide to quit because of this then so be it we will still be there k r o .

  2. mark bellion says:

    we signed up for joys and sorrows too, true blue noses KRO no matter what, all we ask is the players that pull on the shirt give 100% and under GM I think that’s going to be the case 🙂

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