Embargo finally lifted?


August 1, 2018 by Kane Styles.

After Birmingham City’s statement on Monday which confirmed the club was indeed facing a transfer embargo, it seems that the board and the EFL may well have reached an agreement.

Club director, Edward Cheng, along with Ren, have both remained silent throughout this period.

Until now, finally the board have broken the silence.

Cheng posted this on twitter: “Finally, positive news we have been working hard towards is coming. It is why we always Keep Right On. Can’t wait for the new season! #KRO #BCFC”

This may well signify that Monk will now be able to do the business he has been trying to do all summer.

Either that, or Mr Cheng has some serious explaining to do.


4 thoughts on “Embargo finally lifted?

  1. Mike says:

    I’ll believe it when I see we have actually signed half a dozen by Friday !!
    TTA are a disgrace !!

  2. Paul somerville says:

    Me to I will believe it when they make a statement. Hope there now messing us a round again. If it’s a load of bull shame on them. If it’s true happy days.

    • Gee man says:

      I wouldn’t believe anything they say anymore even if it’s true Gary’s gonna struggle to sign anyone before the transfer window closes and i still say sack ren.

  3. Michael Bear says:

    Considering the season starts tomorrow it really is too late in the day to make much difference unless there is an agreement with several clubs/players in place already. If this was to happen where I work heads would be rolling…

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