July 31, 2018 by Kane Styles.

Here we are, again. We’re just four days away from the beginning of what will be Birmingham City’s eighth consecutive season in the second tier of English football.

86 days ago, Garry Monk’s rejuvenated Blues ended Fulham’s 23 match unbeaten run and secured their own championship status in utterly tremendous fashion.

At that time, I thought to myself, the penny has finally dropped. We’ve got ourselves a manager capable of bringing us to another level again – next season will bring excitement and we can all look forward to a window of fine tuning rather than another summer of reckless business.

Of course, that hasn’t been the case – the fans of Birmingham City football club have been let down, again. It’s not acceptable, and the likes of Ren Xuandong should hang their heads in shame.

It’s time for Ren in particular to hold his hands up and accept that he has failed to deliver and meet the requirements of directing a football club. It’s time for someone else to steer the ship.

Blues have escaped relegation on the final day for the past two seasons, have we not learned anything from that? We’re gearing up for another long campaign with a weaker squad than last last term, you simply couldn’t blame Monk for walking if that’s what he is to do.

Monk was told that FFP wouldn’t be an issue, and has still been assured that he will be able to pursue the targets that he has identified. The EFL laid down their requirements in regards to Blues’ embargo being lifted three weeks ago, and yet the board have still failed to solve the issue with just nine days of the window remaining.

It seems all too familiar. The Zola appointment, the fact the team won just twice in 23, but they were too scared to concede that they made the wrong decision. The chaotic scattergun approach last season. Appointing Darren Dein and Jeff Vetere. Appointing Steve Cotterill as manager and believing that he was the man to bring Blues back to the big time, and now this. Enough is enough.

Another episode of unnecessary, unacceptable and laughable familiarity.

I sincerely hope something changes. After the Carson Young era and the sheer chaos it caused, we don’t deserve this.

Like always, Blues fans deal with adversity like no other. They laugh in the face of it.

But they shouldn’t have to, it’s gone on for too long.



  1. Paul somerville says:

    100% right there. The manager and the supporters deserve better. The owners should dig us out of this mess. If Gary monk does walk out who would blame him. All I can see is yet another rubbish season playing second fiddle to villa.

    • Richard says:

      I agree same old story after fans have paid well hard earned money for season tickets people higher in the club continue to let us fans and our great club down ship up or ship out please

  2. Philip Harding says:

    Once again we have been let down by the board, don’t get moaning about the fans when we don’t turn up to the games, another relegation season, and not a ball kicked yet, get out Gary why you can.

  3. Edward Twomey says:

    As you say yet again blues fans are let down but all these years of chaos are down to Sullivan,Gold and Brady and the fact they sold the club to a fraud like Carson Yeung.When Sullivan had had enough of his on going rows with the blues fans and decided to sell up he,Brady and the golds stated that they would not sell the club to anyone other than someone right and proper and who could carry on taking the club forward and then they sell it to the first cowboy who comes along with £80 million quid in their pocket in fact on hearing that yeung had bought the club and not having ever heard of him I googled his name and in one article he was described as Hong Kong’s version of Del Boy and that certainly turned out to be true.So yes the the years of chaos and struggles lie firmly at the feet of Sullivan and co because they knew who they were selling the club to and they knew what would probably happen when selling it to yeung yet if they had waited and sold the club to someone who was right and proper and someone who had experience in running a club then the past ten years could’ve been so different.

  4. George Sutheran says:

    I bought my season ticket about four to six weeks ago thinking we were going to be in the top six come the end of next season but again I feel let down by these owners ren should be sacked and a replacement put in who knows how to run a football club problem is none of them know what there doing.
    I’m very angry because I feel for Gary Monk the situation he’s in I wouldn’t blame him if he left the club to be quite honest I would like my season ticket money back .

  5. Sausage n egg says:

    You are correct … This club has become a laughing stock over recent years stumbling from one farce to another due to piss poor owners and the people installed to run the club…we have all been sold a pup again by dishonest Ren…..well done on your piece refreshing after the smug ramblings of the same old crappers on SHA giving it Bily big onions over such exciting things as typos.

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