Just another boring pre season day, right? Wrong!


July 9, 2018 by Made In Brum

You may or may not have seen an article doing the rounds on Social media that Blues are been placed under a transfer embargo by the EFL. The article was published by Almajir and is worth a read HERE before continuing with this.


The claim that Blues have been placed under an embargo and recent signing Pedersen  has been refused registration has not been met well by Bluenoses. Responses have varied drastically with some taking the word as gospel while others have dismissed the claim as nonsense. First of all I think we need to appreciate this hasn’t come from a clickbait rubbish website. Dan (Almajir) does his homework and he wouldn’t of posted this article if he did not believe it to be 100% accurate. However that doesn’t mean it is true!!


So far the club have declined to comment which hasn’t helped the situation as many people look for clarity. One thing we know though is we did spend a significant amount of money under Harry last year on transfer fees, along with the wage bill and sacking numerous managers the expenditure in recent years has been high.


Is it a coincidence that Dominic Bernard, who happens to be a left back, was recently called up to the squad? If we are under an embargo what does this mean for Stockdale, Grounds and Kuszczak, has the boat sailed with them or is there anyway back?


For certain this isn’t time for fans to start arguing between themselves on Facebook. Its time for the club to step up and let us know what is happening.


3 thoughts on “Just another boring pre season day, right? Wrong!

  1. Stan Drews says:

    I find it astonishing, that EFL would wait until now to enforce a transfer embargo. A time when we’ve brought Pedersen in, and told other players they are no longer wanted. That is really putting the boot in. PS. I’m not disputing the validity of your article.

  2. Dave says:

    The club needs to step up big time on this and put the supporters minds at ease. This embarrassment could be a slap on the face for monk, and who knows he could be considering his position.

  3. gaz taylor says:

    I think the board should go, owners sell up and go the slit eyed china’s had enough of these inept owners

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