Our policy is ‘One in, one out’.

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June 19, 2018 by Stephen L Wright

The title is a paraphrase of a comment from Marc Skinner in a recent interview for Our Game Magazine but, as I write this, news is just in that Jess Carter will be moving to Chelsea. She’ll make the fourth player to depart in the off-season. Admittedly, Coral-Jade Haines was on loan to Spurs for 2017/2018 but wouldn’t she have returned for the coming season? Freda Ayisi has had a mixed season but has really toned down her attitude and has been an asset when she’s been given field time. Maddy Cusack was yet to show her full potential as a Blues’ Lady.

All that said, and accepting that players move to other clubs, how do these four departures stack up against the Club’s policy? Well, it’s also Club policy that it is its decision about whether a player leaves or not. A top club coming knocking won’t matter. It will be what’s best for the Club. Above all, it will be ‘one in, one out’.

But, wait, that’s not the actual policy. Marc Skinner went on to say that: “Everyone’s under contract so if they do go it will be because we need to invest somewhere else. It will be a maximum of one, if one goes I won’t let anyone else go.

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