Addressing Cotterill, form and rumours


February 27, 2018 by Kane Styles.

Birmingham City slipped back into the relegation places on Saturday after falling to their fifth consecutive defeat at the hands of relegation rivals Barnsley.

Blues looked a spineless, tepid and broken side, the best and only highlight of the grim and bitterly cold afternoon was David Stockdale’s penalty save.

It’s hard to pinpoint any specific positives, Harlee Dean showed signs of fight and desire; his bursting runs out of defence and through the middle were not met with any flourishes of quality and intent from the midfield. Both Jeremie Boga and Jacques Maghoma were sporadic figures during the game, they were isolated on the wings with Blues simply not providing enough ammunition in the middle of the park. Sam Gallagher was left to chase lost causes, not to mention that when he did win long balls there was no galloping runs either side of him to reward his hold-up play.

It was hard to watch, Bluenoses seem to be saying those words far too often recently.

So after five defeats on the bounce, scoring a single goal and conceding 14, it begs the question – how long has Steve Cotterill got left?

My calculated guess is not long. However, with the board being as reluctant as they were when it came to sacking Zola last year, in addition to the comments regarding Cotterill being the man to guide the club back to the top flight, the board will be petrified to accept that they’ve made another mistake through total inexperience.

Another thing that is highly concerning is that Cotterill seems toxically low on confidence, something which will influence the dressing rooms mood and ultimately affect the players’ performance. If your own manager can’t motivate you during a relegation battle towards the tail end of the season, who can? If the threat of Birmingham City Football Club dropping into the third tier for the first time since 1991 is unable to make your belly turn, nothing can.

The point being, with the current state of affairs, even if the managerial change is ineffective, then at least there was signs of urgency and effort.

Blues fans are notorious for showing consistent and devoted support, but when Cotterill finds himself requiring a police escort around St. Andrews, surely the bottom half of the hourglass is almost full.

If this is to happen, who is best suited to stop the ship from going under.

Rumours have been circulating on Twitter, with Alan Nixon stating that there are three managers in the hunt for the Blues hot seat. This has sparked whispers with the names Monk, Pearson, McClaren and Strachan doing the rounds.

Garry Monk is the man who instantly springs to mind, he has shown that he is a manager who is able to make the cut at this level. He resurrected Leeds United during his one campaign at Elland Road and should have made the playoffs if it wasn’t for a total meltdown at the final hurdle.

With that being said, he had slow starts at both Leeds and Middlesbrough and one thing that this Blues side are in need of is an immediate dose of confidence and belief.  Many Blues fans feel that Monk is Blues’ best bet at this moment in time.

It is understood that the board are currently weighing up a managerial decision, and Monk is somebody that is being thought of in relation to any decision being made.

Blues travel to Nottingham Forest on Saturday afternoon, and could find themselves bottom of the Championship if results don’t go their way.

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7 thoughts on “Addressing Cotterill, form and rumours

  1. Mick Orton says:

    I have just read that Steve Evans and his assisrant have quit their jobs at Mansfield. Obviously has a job lined up somewhere. Please tell me that the job is not at BCFC. Am I having some kind of nightmare……?

  2. BearwoodSteve says:

    I think you are right that we have reached the point where there is nothing to lose from managerial change as I now have no doubt that Steve Cotterill will take us down to league one; he is simply the wrong manager at the wrong time. However, the problems at Blues predate SC and I am not convinced that his departure alone will be the solution that some people believe. His departure will not be a panacea.

    We are still left with a board that makes poor decisions based, it seems, on a lack of understanding of British football or Blues’ requirements. On top of that, it seems that the managerial and performance crisis at Blues has served to keep the club’s financial position out of the headlines. As it stands, I fear that Blues could be on the brink of a financial meltdown, with the only possible method of aversion coming from staying in the Championship. With this dependent on getting the right manager, this places a huge responsibility on the board, and I am not sure that their shoes are big enough.

    In terms of managers, perhaps it’s a case of the emporer’s new clothes, but I don’t understand the hype about Gary Monk. He was so-so at Swansea, unsustainable at Leeds and pretty poor at ‘Boro. What evidence is there to suggest that he is our saviour. Gordon Strachan would be a good choice, he has been excellent at previous clubs and if anyone can keep us up, it could be him. McLaren is hit and miss, though perhaps Nigel Pearson could do a job, though I am not convinced.

    Finally, as a bit of a left field suggestion, what about Derek Adams at Plymouth Argyle. He has brought from League Two to the upper reaches of League One with limited resources, has bags of confidence and not the sort of manager to be bullied in the dressing room. Let’s not forget what happened last time we appointed a manager from an up and coming League One team.

  3. Martin says:

    One of the more saner posts I have read in lieu of the most recent and season.long events. And yet the crisis as it now looms once again runs beyond the start of this campaign and is just a sad repayment and reflection on a club that has been mis managed from top to bottom for a long time. Sadly I am in x- aisle and can only view matters from abroad but my anger, frustration and feeling of sadness for all those who pay hard earned Money to watch at home and even more so for away games is almost unbearable due to the shared suffering we all feel of trying to stay loyal to a cause that we are bound to, for most of us from birth. None of you should be made to bear witness to the ineptness that is illustrated both on the field of play or at any level of this club. My only hope is that if y,all can’t unite around the team and manager( and who honestly could blame anyone at the moment?), then try to unite as one and vent your angst against the mysterious owners and force the initial change at the top level. In the owners we trust? Definetly not; in the manager coaching and recruitment staff ? Probably not? But in the loyal, dedicated and stoical supporters I say Keep Right On !!!. Best wishes and good fortune till the end of the road.

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