Being Pedantic


December 5, 2017 by Made In Brum

What is going on at our great club?


Even before the match got started the tone was set for a dire evening. With the tickets priced at £25 for adults in the Kop and Tilton for a match live on Sky in the run up to Christmas, it was evident the ground was never going to fill up. Our 3rd worst attendance of 19,641 was only that because the Wolves fans turned up in numbers, although they did spend all night singing about us which I thought was nice of them.


For anyone experiencing their first Blues game last night they might have been a bit confused as to who exactly was who with the big screen and announcements totally out of sync. It doesn’t matter particularly, it’s just a bit amateurish.


Never mind, half time could be redemption. Joe Gallagher, Peter Withe and The Lord Mayor of Birmingham had come out onto the pitch to say a few words/plug a book, at least that’s what I think they said. Our PA is dreadful and makes a painful noise that shoots through your ears whenever you anyone starts to speak.


Onto the 888 game, probably the highlight of halftime (although it is still not as good as chip and win), oh no scrap that actually the players are coming out. We are live on Sky and we have a big orange sheet covering the goal, I suppose 888 get extra exposure, we could ask for more money next year now.


It just seems like things are falling apart a bit at Blues at the moment and it shouldn’t be that way. Our club is better than this whatever happens off the pitch.




One thought on “Being Pedantic

  1. Kim Callaghan says:

    I don’t think you’re being pedantic. It is embarrassing, and reflects a general malaise running through the club.
    I think the minimum expectation, as a lifelong fan for 60 years, is complete professionalism. But we are a laughing stock. Sprinklers coming on with people on the pitch, ballboys with zero urgency to get the ball back to the field of play, rubbish PA system, rubbish big screen etc.
    For goodness sake sort out the sloppiness and let’s be professional.
    On the playing front, there are so many problems. However the one that gets to me the most just now is our passing. We are abysmal, losing possession so many times each match through poor and inaccurate passing. If I was Cotts, I’d have them in on every Sunday lunchtime passing the ball to each other. You have to complete 10 successful passes before you leave. Would any of them leave by Monday?
    I love the Blues and make an 80 mile round trip each home game to cheer them on. I wonder whether the players are showing anywhere near the dedication of us fans?

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