Fanseye view….Steve Cotterill


December 4, 2017 by Made In Brum

Is it time for another managerial change? As always opinions are varied but there are two camps. In and Out. Which side of the coin do you fall? Carl and Steven give there views!

“I think Steve cotterill has to go first and foremost the man’s never done any good at this level failing and Bristol city and Forest and wasn’t even the boards 2nd choice to be manager. He’s way out of he’s depth here it’s clear to see even in his interviews. The players wanted Steve as manager because hes an easy push over. I hear we don’t train as a team but instead on 3 different groups due to the amount of punch ups on the training ground He’s tactically naive playing Jota out on the wing every game where he’s isolated with 2 or 3 men on him every time he gets the ball. Bringing David Cotterill who cannot tackle on as right back instead of Harlee dean ..choosing Cotterill over boga who he seems to have frozen out the team along with Lowe, Brammel and Walsh who he’s allowed to go back and play for he’s parent clubs u23 while we still pay his wages and loan fee something I’ve never ever heard before I also believe now would be an ideal time to make a change giving a new manage a month before the start of the new window.”

Carl Evans


“Is Cotterill taking us down? The players are. how many managers have we gone through. I know we’ve had a lot of player changes but i’m sick of managers getting all the s**t and the players getting off scott free. the players are on the pitch and are the ones getting the results. time they stepped up. if they can’t then they just aren’t good enough!!”

Steve Lander


One thought on “Fanseye view….Steve Cotterill

  1. ivor Roth says:

    Steve Cotterill has to go the sooner the better. No enthusiasm, drive, or action. Will be too late in a months time.

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