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November 8, 2017 by srbradio1

This episode proved to be quite a popular one, the statement read out at the beginning From Nick Spall reads as such:

“Welcome to Monday Nights Tilton Talk Show

Just a week ago Mr Fun himself said he would be happy with 4 points – What did we get?? None Nil Zero Nothing. 
The time has come for fans to show just how disappointed we are – Not one of them players this week has refused his pot of gold at the end of the week and what have they given us in return – NOTHING and in the bottom 3 going into the international break.
Here’s the deal if you feel like you don’t want to play for our club then say so and leave go get out you’re not wanted.
If you do want to ply for our club and have your nice cars and homes then at least pull on the shirt with the same pride our supporters pull theirs on with.
Im fed up of hearing splits in the camp players arguing and discord.
You don’t get paid handsomely for performing like that
Sorry this is Birmingham City – Our Birmingham City our passion and our pride and if you are not in it for the same reasons as we are then do one!
Let’s get on with the show I’ve wound me self-up now.
Im not happy”


The previous weeks show with guest Ian Danter was also a very popular show..


Chris Browne

Tilton Talk Show




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