Football between the lines

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June 17, 2016 by Made In Brum

Sometimes football is not always about ‘what is said’ but more about ‘ what is not said’

Recently we seen Blues Ladies lose a couple of fan favourites with many fans showing their dismay as the situation came to a head.

Jade Moore and Jo Potter have left @BCLFC and gone to pastures new.

In these days of football contracts, the parting is normally agreed that neither party will say anything  derogatory.

It’s what they don’t say that gives us an an idea and sometimes what the fans say.

Jade “The last 12 months has seen a lot happen behind the scenes which I don’t wish to comment on”

Jo ” a lot of things have happened over the past 12 months that I don’t wish to comment on ”

Logically, why would the club wish to sell Jo and/or Jade? , Jo especially after such a long time with BCLFC, It can’t be the club’s idea as they would have received more at the start of the season if sold than they will half way through with only 6 months left on their contracts, their statements seem as though they were written together and both not saying where and why they have gone. Presume some form of deal is done somewhere to justify buying themselves out of their contracts.

There have been rumours for a while with quite a few fans posting what they have seen

Facebook “I go to the ladies regular and have noticed they seemed to look disinterested in engaging with the squad”

Twitter “I have to admit, as someone who follows the team quite closely it’s not a surprise to me at all”

Lets just believe its best for  BCLFC, The Management, the Squad going forward, Jo and Jade that both players have moved on.

With the new internationals being signed the club are showing their intentions and desire for the future






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