41st Anniversary justice4the21 minutes applause


November 20, 2015 by Made In Brum

Saturday 21st November 2015 marks the 41st anniversary of the Birmingham Pub bombings to the day.

On 21st November 1974, 21 innocent people lost their lives while enjoying a night out in Birmingham City Centre, Little did they know what fate would befall them.the-mulberry-bush-pub-after-the-birmingham-bombings-on-november-21-1974-902231153


  • Jane Davis 17, Michael Beasley 30, Lynn Bennett 18, Stanley Bodman 51
  • James Caddick 40, Thomas Chaytor 28, James Craig 34, Paul Davis 20
  • Charles Gray 44, Anne Hayes 19, Maxine Hambleton 18, John Jones 51
  • Neil Marsh 20, Marylin Nash 22, Pamela Palmer 19, Desmond and Eugene Reilly
  • Maureen Roberts 20, John Rowland 46, Trevor Thrupp 33, Stephen Whalley 21

With that in mind Birmingham City Supporters have the chance to show their respect to those lost by standing and applauding on the 21st minute of the game v Charlton Athletic.


Please let all Bluenoses know and encourage them to join in on the 21st minute.

Website: www.justice4the21.co.uk                       

Twitter:  @justice4the21

Email:      justice4the21@hotmail.co.uk

Blog:       www.justice4the21.blogspot.co.uk



One thought on “41st Anniversary justice4the21 minutes applause

  1. Eileen says:

    This is the 41st anniversary of the Birmingham Pub Bombings. I think it’s an appropriate day to ask, in the name of all those killed or injured to have an inquiry into finding out who were responsible for the two IRA bombs being placed in the two pubs on that fateful night.

    I don’t know anyone who was killed or injured that night, so I hope you will receive my request as an ordinary member of the public who was sitting in the Odeon Cinema when the bombs exploded. I can never forget the anniversary, as it was such an horrific event. The panic doors in the cinema were locked and when we eventually got outside, I looked up at the rotunda and wondered if it was going to crush both me and my younger brother. I distinctly remember the debris floating in the air and the people looking for loved ones under the beautiful Mulberry bush etched glass. The bodies carried out on stretchers as I sat in a taxi, held up with all the emergency vehicles, all young people looking forward to life.

    Although I live on the other side of the world now, it’s something that I cannot forget. I can only imagine what it must be like for those Brummies living in Birmingham waiting and hoping to hear the names of those responsible.

    It didn’t help that both my parents were Irish and were living in Birmingham at the time. My mother was shunned when she went to work the next day. She was employed by Rackhams, where many people knew some of those who were killed or injured. She left the job after a few days because she couldn’t take the abuse!

    It was 30 years later before I read Chris Mullins book, ‘Error of Judgement’ Imagine how I felt when I read that one of the bombers was sitting behind me in the cinema? It took a Granada journalist to uncover that fact, not a policeman.Unless there’s an inquiry, this will never rest. Don’t you think 41 years is a long time to wait for justice for the largest mass murder in peacetime Britain?

    Eileen de Lapp, Sydney, Australia

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