Quiet on the transfer front


June 16, 2015 by bluenosebible

Football fans aren’t the most rational or patient people on the planet. Generally they want everything and they want everything yesterday. So it should be no surprise that some people are maybe starting to get a little bit jumpy that Blues haven’t signed anyone bar a young striker from West Brom who hardly anyone has ever heard of.

Clayton-Donaldson-celebrates-his-goal-with-David-CotterillBut I don’t think there is a massive hurry for us to bring players in. Unlike in previous summers, I don’t think there needs to be a massive rebuilding job done with the Blues squad. Many of the out and out regulars from last season; the likes of Caddis, Morrison, Grounds, Davis, Gleeson, Gray, Cotterill and Donaldson are likely to be here come the start of the season so the core of the team is there. It’s not like we are in the sort of situation we have been in during previous close seasons where through combinations of sales and contracts running out we have faced a mass exodus of players. Our squad needs topping off this time around, not wholesale replenishment.

I also think that Gary Rowett is naturally someone who keeps his cards very close to his chest. We probably won’t find much out about players coming in and going out at Stan’s until the deal is signed, sealed and delivered. Some respected news sources have speculated about who we may or may not be going after player wise, but to be honest I think they know as much about the goings on at Birmingham City as my postman does.

Case in point – Christian Ribeiro. Some news sources spent last week linking us with this Welsh defender currently playing for Exeter City, and now are reporting that he has effectively snubbed us to sign a new deal with Exeter. Come on, who would actually believe that? Who would actually believe that a player would turn down Birmingham City to stay at Exeter City? No disrespect to Exeter, but I would put good money on any one of their players crawling all the way from down there to Stan’s if they had the chance to sign for us.

These news sources have been creating links between Blues and whoever seems to be out of contract in the Football League because they don’t actually have anything concrete to say. Equally then hinting that said player has decided to spurn our advances is even less like journalism, but it has rattled some fans none the less.

_82726490_robert_tescheThere is no need to panic though; from what I have heard two for the loanees we had at the back end of last season, Rob Tesche and Diego Fabbrini, would be well on the way to completion. If we do manage to bring both of those players in then we’ll have two more players to add to the aforementioned list of regulars from last season, and then from my reckoning we’ll probably be just a ‘keeper and a centre-half away from having a very strong starting eleven. If we do manage to bring Tesche and Fabbrini in, then it will arguably also show that the shackles that restricted us in the past in terms of bringing in proven Championship players because of affordability issues are well and truly off.

So Blues fans should just relax, take some pleasure in the fact that for once Birmingham City Football Club isn’t football’s biggest bring and buy sale. We had a team that was looking good at the end of last season, and by the looks of things most of that team will start the new season together. When we do bring in new players, the first we will hear about it will possibly be when they are doing the archetypal pose in front of the Tilton with the Blues scarf above their head. From what I can tell few clubs in the Football League have been going around like mad signing players, and for once Birmingham City are one of the norm rather than the abnormal.


4 thoughts on “Quiet on the transfer front

  1. andy says:

    enjoyed your bit on the transfers. I am definately missing watching the players from Stans , cant wait till we get going again . It would be great to get fabrini and Tesche in ya never know in football anything can happen ( praying we get em ) We have the backbone of the squad taken out a little. Our priority is a goalkeeper what isyour view on Wes fodderingham ? KRO ………….

  2. nicko says:

    like you andy i think the deal for fabbrini and tesch is done bought tesch and got fabbrini on loan
    glad we did not get scot carson to many mistakes a centre back and goalkeeper plus one more striker and we wont be far away kro

  3. Daddyblue1 says:

    In GR we trust all will be well and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mr Govan 86 today Kro and thank youD

  4. Steve walker says:

    Tesche, fabbrini, Wigan keeper (forgot name) & the lad from Shrewsbury would do me.

    Surely we have allot of spare wages from all the dead wood Rowett has let go, correctly in my eyes. We have the sponsor money and don’t we ha e the Redmond promotion money.
    I must say blues fans have disappointed me over the last few years. Yes Clark gave us allot to moan about but only if you actually attended matches. 16000 empty seats most games is disgraceful. Get off your back sides and support the team at home aswell as away

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