Colin Doyle Testimonial


May 6, 2015 by Made In Brum

By Blues Collective   

We have contacted the club on behalf of our members after several pages felt the need to instigate a request  for a testimonial for Colin Doyle.

The decision that Colin is leaving has not been decided in the last few days. Fund raising events have been organised between Colin and the Club for some time.

The Club and Colin have had discussions and jointly decided that the there will be different events raising money for Liam’s Smiles.

The PA15 event on Sunday raised over £10,600 for Liam’s Smiles

The club have recognised Colin’s loyalty and have repaid the loyalty by supporting the one thing that means the world to both him and Becky and that is their charity.

This support will continue with Gary Rowett running the London marathon raising more funds for Liam’s Smiles.

Experience tells us that testimonials do not in general generate a large attendance and the cost of hosting such an event is in excess of £30,000 and the net proceeds aren’t always as big as some believe.

The passion and loyalty displayed to Colin by bluenoses is not at all surprising but commendable nevertheless.

Perhaps all those wishing to attend a testimonial would prefer to donate the amount they would be prepared to pay to watch a testimonial directly to Liam’s Smiles, or why not create an event and raise money at that event.

Liam’s Smiles Website

Colin and Becky have requested we put a link to their London Marathon page which is a great way to support Colin, Gary Rowett and Club staff but more importantly raising funds for Liam’s Smiles

Please find out more or donate please ‘click’ link below


 ( Becky Doyle, Tim Andrews, Matthew Holden-Jones, Paul Rivers, Ian Dutton, Gary Rowett and maybe more)



One thought on “Colin Doyle Testimonial

  1. kevb8ll says:

    Hi guys. We have republished this on Joys and Sorrows fully credited to you and back linked.

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