A Time of Change?


March 2, 2015 by bluenosebible

By Paul Smith


Just over four years ago I, like the rest of the Bluenose family, celebrated that famous day at Wembley. Watching Chelsea beat Tottenham Hotspur in this season’s final brought back great memories of when Obafemi Martins’ late winner guided Birmingham City to their first trophy for decades and the day as a whole. Little did we know what would happen to our great club over the next few years until the present day both on and off the field.

carson-yeung-and-peter-pannu-481111206While things seem to be picking up on the pitch with Gary Rowett in charge at St. Andrews, the boardroom fiasco continues to rumble on. However, I genuinely feel this nightmare is about to end sooner than people may believe.

I have looked very closely at what has been going on over in Hong Kong and listened to many different viewpoints from the media, other fans etc. There are a number that claim to know what is going on but, in my opinion, they know just as much as a lot of Blues supporters and express their beliefs as to how each piece of from BIHL will affect the club. The difference being that they have a bigger platform to do this. Their negativity seems to have spilt over to the fans when really it is not necessarily as bad as it is being portrayed.

Since Panos Pavlpanos-pavlakis-4-4x3101-2059219_478x359akis’ arrival at St. Andrews there has seen much toing and froing in the BIHL boardroom in Hong Kong. A power struggle dare I say, which has done what it was intended to do and show Carson Yeung up for the man he is and his sidekick Peter Pannu as well. The people who pay Pavlakis have played a very good game, I believe, and thus exposed Yeung, causing him to continually make mistakes and now allow Ernst and Young to come in and finally sell the club.

Now the question is who?

If you delve further into the off the field situation you can put some pieces together to gain a rough idea that there are prospective owners in the pipeline, who are looking to make massive changes to the club. Changes even the longest serving Bluenoses have never seen in their lifetimes.

I don’t want to speculate as to who it is as this is just my opinion and a theory I have put together based on numerous factors. At the end of the day, I could very much be wrong, but I am pretty sure after looking at all the evidence and listening to some interesting conversations. If this theory proves to be the case, I could see this taking place very soon.

I must reiterate this is not speculation just a theory and an assumption based on all the information I have gathered over the last month or so. If it doesn’t come to fruition then I apologise, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

So maybe it’s time to show how proud we are to be Bluenoses, starting with the return of Lee Clark and his new side Blackpool on Wednesday night. It would be nice to see a bumper crowd cheering on the lads in a game that could well cement our Championship status.

Fingers crossed Keep Right On


3 thoughts on “A Time of Change?

  1. Big Bill says:

    A very poor article Nat. Must do better.
    Big Bill

  2. Jason Jennings says:

    If this was announced on the same a day as villa get relegated I would spontaneously combust lol KRO

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