Should we have cashed in on Demarai Gray?


February 5, 2015 by bluenosebible

By Nat Peters


Now don’t get me wrong, for the most part I’m very happy we’ve managed to keep hold of Demarai Gray. He’s a very good player, and as a fan you want your club to keep hold of your very good players because you like seeing them play; they are the sort of players that can win you a match. On top of that, keeping him is a refreshing change from a couple of years ago where all of our best young (and older) players were sold at the first sign of a bid from another club.

Demarai-Gray-celebrates-third-his-goalSo in that respect well done to Panos Pavlakis, Gary Rowett and whoever else has been resolute enough to reject these offers. It is now clear that unlike in days gone by there are people running the club who are actually interested in the welfare of the team, and don’t simply view the transfer windows as a chance to turn Birmingham City FC into a footballing car boot sale. As I said, it’s a refreshing change.

But the fact that we ended up rejecting a bid in the region of £5 million does make me wonder whether we’ve almost been too stubborn on this one. Demarai Gray has potential, no doubt about it, but he’s only made seventeen league starts for Blues and scored five league goals – effectively Bournemouth’s last bid that reached that five million mark gave us a million quid for every goal he’s scored for Blues. That sort of lump sum, particularly if sweetened with the promise of future add-ons (as would be almost standard practice in a deal involving a player of his age), is quite a sum to turn down for someone as relatively unproven as Demarai is.

On top of that, there is the fact that Gray’s contract runs out in the summer of 2016. In effect, from the end of this season unless he signs an extension to his deal we have only a year to get a transfer fee for him, and when a player has a contract fast running out his value rapidly declines. There is a possibility that in the next six to twelve months we could be in a position as a club where we have to accept substantially less than £5million or risk losing him for buttons in two summers time. Then again it has been repeatedly reiterated by Gary Rowett and the club that Gray doesn’t want to leave and hasn’t ever indicated otherwise, so it could be that the club have reason to be confident that he will sign a new deal in the near future and that would negate the risk of losing him on the cheap, and put us in a much stronger position to keep him for as long as possible.

wilfried-zaha-unhappyAlso, it could potentially be argued that £5 million wasn’t that fantastic a price when you compare it to other deals for players of a similar age in recent times.  A couple of years ago Man United paid in excess of £10 million for Wilfried Zaha, who had played a few more games at Championship level than Gray has for us so far in his career but was totally unproven at top-flight level (and as proved by the fact that he’s now back at Palace he wasn’t ready for the massive step up) so it could be said that we would be foolish to accept for Gray half of what Palace got for Zaha. Even looking at this transfer window, when Dele Alli at MK Dons has fetched a £5 million fee from Tottenham for showing flashes of brilliance in what is effectively the Third Division, then why shouldn’t Gray fetch more for showing flashes of brilliance in what is effectively the Second Division?

The fact that the numerous bids that ended up reaching £5 million all exclusively came from Bournemouth was something of a shock however when you consider that the likes of Spurs and Liverpool were repeatedly linked with him in the run up to the window; it seems that the big guns held fire this time around. There were some people resentful of the fact that it was Bournemouth trying to take our player, but to be honest that didn’t bother me in the slightest because whilst Bournemouth are nowhere near as big a club as us they have a much better team right now, and wanted Demarai Gray to improve a team that looks like it will be heading to the Premier League. I’m afraid that’s just football. And there were people who were resentful that they started off with a bid of £1.5 million for him, but any sane club would always start the bidding low when trying to negotiate a price, and with our track record of selling our best players for pennies they had good grounds to assume that we may do it again. That’s just business.

Demarai-Gray-with-the-match-ballBut Bournemouth are turndownable as far as Gray is concerned, even if they are top of the Championship right now because of the fact that there are much bigger beasts after him. My worry would be if Gray keeps on playing well until the end of the season then those massive clubs that have been watching him decide to firm up their interest; how benign will he be towards a move then? Would he just meekly sit back and let the club decide his future? And as I said, with his contract fast running out of time then how strong will out negotiating position be with another club?

Overall though, I suppose that we should be grateful that for once we have managed to rebuff bids for one of our best players and be grateful that we will be getting to watch Demarai in a Blues shirt for the foreseeable future at least. I just hope that the decisions we have taken now don’t mean we find ourselves getting ripped off if and when Demarai Gray does leave in the future.


What have you made of the Demarai Gray transfer situation?


7 thoughts on “Should we have cashed in on Demarai Gray?

  1. keith says:

    I believe this to be very good news. It suggests we are NOT desperate for the money, that Grey believes his future is better with us than elsewhere at present. If he maintains his recent form its good for us and good for him as it will help him get a move to a Prem club and hopefully get us more than the rumoured £5M. And what if we had sold him? Where would the money go–into the owners pockets? a bonus for Pannu? I doubt it would be spent on replacement players or at least not all of it. So I think this is a big vote of confidence in Mr Rowett and great news that the owners didn’t simply take the money and run.

    • Ken says:

      In my opinion, this is good news at this point in time. I do think that if one of the top four clubs had come in for him it might have been different…I have no doubt that Gray would have gone but I think this would have been on a loan arrangement for the rest of this season. This would not have been the case had he gone to Bournemouth, they would have wanted to play him. Also, of course.there has to be a realisation that even if Bournemouth go up this year, they will not stay there for very long…so it cant possibly be that enticing a move in any event. However, I do think that he will be sold in the summer, thats when the bigger teams do most of their shopping. I also believe that any transfer fee for him would be used by BCFC…it could be that some of it would be needed for cashflow purposes and only a percentage of it would be for transfer fees. I really dont think for one moment that any of that money would be exported to Hong Kong, it just wouldnt make sense

  2. Paul Hawkins says:

    If we are going to move forward as a club despite all the crap thats going on off the pitch then its vital we hold on to our prized players. We have to show that are not in the championship to make up the numbers. We got rid off so many good players on the cheap so its time we fought back

  3. WAYNE says:

    I take this that you are asking did Rowett make the right diction. I would say yes when you look at the amount other clubs have made out of there quality players. Wilfried Zaha more than 10mil
    Theo Walcott more than 20mill Dele Alli 5mil + ad no’s all of witch are similar player to our Demarai Gray. The only difference is Demarai is playing at a higher standard for his age than any of them was at the same age when the big money come in for them. So it is good business sense. I expect Demarai will sign a 12 months extension with a bigger club clues in place with a view to a 10mill or more move.

  4. WAYNE says:

    PS Things are looking brighter at Birmingham with hove a lot of talented young players coming though the youth system with the likes of Josh Martin / charley Adams / David Popa / George O’Neill / Kyle McFarlane / Khaellem Bailey / Perry Cotton / and the one to watch for me is Kieran Dunba. He looks like a quality player check it out

  5. Walker says:

    Having read your article you do make allot of sense although as u mentioned I’m pretty sure he will sign just to help his club get a higher fee in the summer.

    I personally would sell to a club like Bournemouth as long as we got say 7 mill and a large sell on. After all they would likely go down and sell him to a bigger club. We could then end up with 8-9 mill in total. On the other hand imagine if we could sneak a play off spot he would be a big asset (don’t get me wrong I think we are a quality centre forward and centre half short of that).

    I think rowett has only made 2 mistakes so far.
    1. Playing Novak against west brom
    2. Edgar leaving

    That’s not bad in 12 games or so we have played.
    Rowett could make us big again but only if yeung and his Bihl cronies disappear asap.

    Looking forward to getting one over Fulham KRO

  6. nicko says:

    we keep grey give him an extension on his contract then i am sure rowett will pick up 3 quality
    players close season and have a real good go at promotion.

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