Time for a BIHL re-think?


December 20, 2014 by Made In Brum

Lets force BIHL to sell !!

If you purchased a house for 160k and it is now worth 80K would you sell and lose 80k and therefore guarantee a loss or hang on to it until the value returns? – No Brainer !!

I’m staying away – I’m not lining their pockets !!

Peter Pannu’s wage has gone – BIHL have had to invest over 6 Million last year ( up to June 2014) to keep us going and the accounts show that we are not “lining their pockets”

No communication with fans !

yNvDqqqSince September and the arrival of Panos there has been a supporters meeting, a statement in the program and he has answered directly 100’s of personal messages on social media.

We need new owners to go forward !

Panos took the helm for BIHL in September since then BIHL/Panos has :

Sacked Lee Clark

Interviewed and selected Gary Rowett as our best way forward

Provided the funds to get Gary Rowett and his team

Funded Michael Morrison on loan

Funded Guy Moussi indexrowettthe wages he is donating to charity

Funded Nikola Zigic’s return

Funded the signing of Morrison from Charlton in January

Given a budget to Gary Rowett for the January window

If ‘new owners’ had purchased BIHL in September we would have been more than happy with their input.


We all know that BIHL still own BCFC but surely we can all notice the change since September or are we so fixed on ‘changing the owners’ that we choose to miss the facts.

The summary published of the supporters meeting with Panos was :

The main priority is to bring new investment into the group, protect BCFC interests and improve communications with the fans, the task of improving communication will be helped by the fact that Panos is at the club full time.

Players, in the future , will only be sold if the offer is at the right price and not simply for financial gain, and to be fair we all know that Adeyemi handed in a transfer request after being awarded vice captaincy leaving the club with very little choice.

Investment on the playing side was not ruled out providing money was available or somebody came at the right money that kept the finances on a stable level

What now ?

It’s time, more than ever, to do what we are capable of doing






*As stated on the About section: “The views published in the fanzine or via our online sources are the views of the author, not the football club or Made in Brum.”


4 thoughts on “Time for a BIHL re-think?

  1. nicko says:

    every thing you said is correct i have spoken to panos and he knows more about football in his little finger than pannu every new he genuinely wants the club to do well he is up the training ground more than the other guy was. we are now watching better football so lets hope it continues.a merry Christmas to all you blue noses

  2. chris says:

    Pannu & Yeung will be back, their absence is only temporary, like any politician caught fiddling they resign as a minister but within a year or so are back in the corrupt fold.
    The same will happen with these two.
    As you say Yeung will not sell until he is either forced out which could be, administration, hostile takeover or part sale or we get promoted meaning the value of the club would rocket to about £70 million due to tv money of around that amount.
    Though if we did get promoted he may not be able to sell, villa hasn’t found a buyer and the clubs that have recently, Reading and Fulham both got relegated with their new owners plus QPR but they managed to get promoted again.

  3. Richy says:

    Any fan that stays away citing the reason “not lining their pockets” is an a45hole anyway.

    So called fans like this don’t form part of the hardcore BCFC support and are generally fair weather supporters with weak spines, not suited to supporting the badge through thick and thin.

    They are the same set of pr1cks who drove out the previous owners, we never had it so good under Gold and Sullivan but it’s the same bunch of a45holes moaning now, as it was then.

    • johnblue says:

      Richy I am one of the ones who stayed away, I refused to give money to a bunch of thieves, who have no interest in the club.
      Prior to that, i had been a season ticket holder, for many years. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, that is whats called democracy. I don’t insult you, because of your opinions.

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