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December 6, 2014 by Made In Brum

Peter Pannu has recently had a rant at Daniel Ivery on his Often Partisan website, ending with alleged personal threats whilst divulging boardroom secrets, which according to OP’s understanding of Hong Kong (never go public ) business ethics is all but corporate suicide.

The alleged comments are so unprofessional it’s hard to believe that it is actually Pannu posting but the site has said it is ‘100% definite’.

Most bluenoses know that OP and Pannu have a ‘love to hate’ relationship but it suits both, keeping one of them in the media whilst the other generates book sales.

It appears that the relationship has reached a stalemate but it could also be Pannu’s sacrificial pawn to achieve a personal cheque mate (Freudian slip?).



Why would a Director hoping for re-election goad someone to publish their public rant so close to his re-election?

Thought : Perhaps they know they will not be re-elected


Why would a Director of a company inform social media of a potential ( BIHL Refuted) debt?

Thought : They definitely know they are not going to be re-elected.


Why would a Director divulge company secrets?

Thought : They definitely know they will not be re-elected


Why would a Director release details of a bid when they know that bids through social media are refuted?

Thought : Perhaps to ensure their involvement with the bid is public knowledge


What would be gained by public knowledge of their involvement in the bid?

Thought : Perhaps to strengthen their demand for commission at a later date should the bid come to fruition when they are no longer a Director.


Why would a Director try to undermine a fellow Director

Thought : Perhaps your fellow Director has undermined you with their current successful actions.


Unfortunately, fellow Bluenoses, if Pannu’s recent alleged actions are not enough to get him kicked off ANY board never mind re-elected then Blues Trust’s e-petition against his re-election (1100 signed) is as futile as ‘let’s keep Christmas Day on the 25th petition’ posted to Father Christmas, If it happens we can claim a victory if it doesn’t we can show that we tried. There is a BCFCFollowers e-petition addressed to the football league ( 2700 signed) who also don’t need to show they care but could generate some national interest.


Pannu was replaced by Panos and since that news filtered through we have gained Gary Rowett and his team, Michael Morrison, Guy Moussi, Nikola Zigic, an undefeated run and an actual belief in our beloved Blues.

Lets all do something we are capable of doing and BACKTHETEAM in the UK



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