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October 27, 2014 by bluenosebible

By Blues Collective

We agree that something has to be done but what?

We have to believe that none of the money raised in Birmingham ‘lines the pockets’ of the board at BIHL. We have been told this by all avenues.

Mr Pannu WAS employed by the club and was paid for the job he did – his money was not paid to him as a Director’s dividend but as an employee of the club ( P.A.Y.E.).

To stay away from the club will make a difference EVENTUALLY.

Once the staff have lost their jobs and we go into administration then it would mean that BIHL would have no trading arm to their business and therefore lose their HKSE listing. This will not be this financial year.

We have had a few emails suggesting we address our complaints to the FA. , this could be an avenue but the trouble is the FA are only concerned with the accounts of BCFC and BCFC’s accounts are fine and do no threaten administration.

We believe that a protest aimed at BIHL is futile
We believe that boycotting only hurts fellow bluenoses paid by the club and will result in sales and redundancy to fill the financial gap.

The FA and the Football League appears to be the avenue that ALL fans agree on that could make a difference.

We have made quite a few phone calls and sent a few emails and have been assured by the club that changes are about to happen and we will see a difference in the next couple of weeks.

We think that we need to set out a plan if these promises do not come to fruition.

What do you think should be done, please fill in survey below



2 thoughts on “Blues Collective Survey

  1. bryan says:

    time is to strike now while the iron is hot and ive seen some ideas about a protest on saturday which we need to get in motion as we are live on sky and the whole football world will be watching,it worked for little blackpool the other month so im sure it can work for a sleeping giant like us,to save time and a lot of writing heres the thread i posted on official forum about a protest on saturday v wolves

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