An open letter to the players of Birmingham City Football Club


October 26, 2014 by bluenosebible

By Nat Peters


Dear Players

Before I say anything I should say that I don’t hold you responsible for how far the club has fallen and I don’t even hold you responsible for the fact that this is probably one of the very worst teams we’ve had in one hundred and thirty-nine years. You can’t be blamed for the prolonged mismanagement that has gone on above you. Truth be told, I don’t think many of you would have got within a hundred miles of this club in days gone by, but it isn’t your fault that the shirts have been given to you and I don’t blame you for wanting to play for this football club. It is a wonderful football club.

The-scoreboard-says-it-all-Birmingham-City-0-Bournemouth-8I do accept that we aren’t going to be pulling any trees up in this division. In fact, my gut feeling is that we are getting relegated this season (though I hope you can prove me wrong). I accept that there will be many times where we will get beat by teams who are better than us. But what I or any other Blues fan can’t accept is a team rolling over and dying like you lot did yesterday. Your lack of fight, desire and resilience was disgusting. You and you alone have consigned us to the worst home defeat we have ever had and made us the laughing stock of football.

There are ways to lose; if you lose but have given everything you’ve got for the cause then you will be applauded by the Blues fans who have stuck with you stoically. We will be disappointed, but will also be appreciative of the fact that you couldn’t have tried any harder. My mind goes back to a game we had against the great Arsenal team of the early 2000s; we were thrashed 4-0 at Stan’s, but the players who played that day were clapped off the pitch because people could see that they had given their all, but were simply played off the park by a team light years ahead of us.

That wasn’t the case yesterday. Before the game I didn’t have much hope of getting a result because Bournemouth are a very good side. But we simply rolled over and died. To a man you simply looked like you had all given up, in spite of the fact that even at four, five, six, seven and eight nil the fans stuck with you, showed the sort of resilience you couldn’t be bothered to put up. You let us down badly yesterday. The song goes “We’re Birmingham City we’ll fight to the end” – to be honest from the very start none of you showed any inkling of fight. You have left a city in shock, left the best bunch of fans in this country or any other totally devastated.

I’m not going to ask for a refund or any quibble like that; ultimately getting my money back isn’t actually going to make me any less disconsolate after seeing what I saw. But all I would say is that there are well over two-thousand people who are heading to Wolverhampton next week, and whilst we hope for a good result we expect a response. We expect a team that will try and compete, that if nothing else will kick and bite their way through ninety minutes of what is a fiercely contested local derby in an attempt to get a result.

Blues fans will stick with you, we always do. But we need something back; we need to see that players have pride in the shirts they are wearing. As professionals you should have your own pride, but where was it yesterday? I hope you all woke up, looked in the mirror this morning and thought “25/10/14 – never, ever again”. Even if we do end up getting relegated this season, even if we do lose a lot of games, I want you to at least make sure that nothing like yesterday’s shambles is ever repeated again. That’s not a lot to ask, is it?


An ever suffering but ever supporting Bluenose.


You can read more of Nat’s thoughts about Blues on his blog:


13 thoughts on “An open letter to the players of Birmingham City Football Club

  1. Steve says:

    A superbly written letter well done

  2. Laurence ash says:

    The money that you all get paid for doing what you supposedly love doing is not worth should all be done for fraud calling you all lazy is an insult too everyone that just sit on there arse. If you don’t want to be at the club & bring some pride back as we have none at the moment just piss off & not let us be a joke any longer.

  3. kevin says:

    Word perfect !!! I was there yesterday and witnessed the players just roll over and die , not what we fans expect , but lets get a response starting at Wolves next week , once again the fans stuck with it , best in the league by a country mile ..kro

  4. Paul Hawkins says:

    Well said comments. I just feel that players have forgotten what is means to wear the famous badge of Birmingham City. What I would give for a Kenny Burns, Julian Docks etc etc who would no way lie down and be walked over. They would give there all and if they were the last man standing so be it. We need to play the song ‘Keep Right On’ so not only does it fill the players with pride but also put the fear of God into the opposition. We need to play it LOUD and sing like it like we are proud. We need to take St Andrews back because too many teams are coming and are expecting to win.

  5. len shaw says:

    They should be ashamed like I was of them 56yrs a supporter please get out of the club I love

  6. Swedish Bluenose says:

    Don’t blame it on the players. And don’t expect they have the same heart for Blues as you have. Half of the first team squad were recruited last summer. They don’t have special feelings for BCFC, they are just employed and had hoped that a manager would lead them to success.
    And don’t blame it on the club administrators. They are just doing their job within the tight budgets they have.
    Blame it on the owners instead. Not one penny invested in three years.

  7. nicko says:

    what has colin doyle do to get a start.. the goal keeper yesterday had a nightmare any body agree first goal should have stopped 2nd goal poor kick out look at his position for some of the goals in the 2nd half. also we know the referee was poor but robbo kept telling him, it was like talking to a brick wall.

  8. Len says:

    Agree with Doyle deserving a run in the side, maybe our players are too nice and need winding up by a Savage type player. Another thing for me is, why wasn’t Donaldson taking that bloody penalty? He had an impeccable record at Brentford and happens to be a striker

  9. Richard says:

    I was also at the game and have never in over 50years in supporting the club seen anything like it in those years as i did yesterday please please please sell the club now or you will get nothing the way we are going bring on the kids whats happened to Hancox he would die for the shirt thats the spirit we want

  10. Edward says:

    What a well written peice of nonsense. Stating you wouldnt get near birmingham in the past maybe true but now you want them to do their best? im sure that will motivate them Best fans in the country there was just over 13 thousand so isnt it more like under 50% of fans have stuck with them from the premier league days? Im sure the players would respond to a packed stadium better than been called the worst players ever, after all their not going anywhere we are stuck with them. A big defeat is hard to take but this article is harder and

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