Artist designs St. Andrew’s out of Lego

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May 23, 2014 by bluenosebible

The art of football usually describes a great goal, superb save or a well timed tackle.

But one artist has used Birmingham City’s St. Andrew’s Stadium to start a very unique collection of football artwork.

Chris Smith, a Crystal Palace fan from Croydon, set up the ‘brickstand’ project to build football stadiums in England out of Lego.

lego111553-e33123bc413144638883f70a775b8b46After launching the idea, Bluenoses contacted Chris about the possibility of building St. Andrew’s and, following a fortnight of designing and constructing, the stadium standing at 50cmX70cm was finally complete.

“A few Blues fans had got in contact to say they were interested in the project, and as there is no set order for building them at the moment, so I decided to just do it straight away.

“There’s not really any planning done before the building as I design it as I’m going along. I suppose the hardest part was knowing which details can be compromised as there will always have to be some at this size.

“I try to work of the lettering in the stands such as “The Blues” and go from there. The design of a stadium takes about 2 weeks and I used over 2,000 bricks.”

lego111553-f98b35fd211d41c494edaf0270c44307As well as creating St. Andrew’s out of the construction toy, the artist has also built three other stadiums including Liverpool’s Anfield and his own club’s Selhurst Park.

The part-time artist currently living in Halifax said; “I decided to start the ‘brickstand’ project after researching other Lego football projects and finding that there wasn’t really any.

“The aim is to produce the stadium of every league team and a few extra non-league grounds too.

“So far the completed grounds are Selhurst Park, Anfield and Goodison Park, but I’ve almost finished White Hart Lane and Highbury.

“The plan is to keep right on building!”

Blues fans can check out all the work including St Andrews at and email Chris Smith directly on


By Oliver Osborn


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