Protest Reflections and Future Plans?

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February 5, 2014 by Made In Brum

Delay No More

A meaning that has many variants, but when it appeared at St Andrews on Saturday February 1st only one meaning stood out ‘Sell up and Go’.

But behind that message was a more cruder jovial message of F… Y… Mother something that can be both insulting or as seen in Hong Kong a joke.

Looking back on the events it seems that the mood within Bluenoses has changed somewhat to a bit more relaxed less aggressive mood than before, but with more determination to make sure that all the efforts were not in vain.

All groups involved came together as one just like it should be to make sure the events of Saturday unfolded as peaceful as possible. They were well organised and to the point with the Blues Trust led campaign ‘Delay No More’ the main focal point of any future efforts by the fans. Not many of the 15k+ crowd expected anything to happen, but once the ‘Delay No More’ banner was displayed to the crowd a rapturous applause went round the stadium and the whole mood inside the stadium lifted. It was as if somebody had just switched people on to the fact that they finally had someone do what they had wanted to do for a long time. It just seemed like the timing was right and everything fell into place as the whole stadium started to join in even the travelling Derby County supporters.




Now it’s just a case of fans carrying on from the events vs Derby and doing their own thing or like those on Saturday joining together in a non violent, non racist way to prove that Bluenoses have not lost the will to fight for something they hold dear. In this case Birmingham City FC.

Made in Birmingham / Destroyed in Hong Kong


Another banner that was direct & to the point. Made by a member of Small Heath Alliance website who has been disgruntled by goings on at St Andrews and felt the need to do something. Little did he know what would be ahead once it made its appearance midway through the 1st half again warmly and enthusiastically welcomed by Bluenoses.

This Banner in particular had stolen the attention of the media because of its simple message with Carson Yeung and Peter Pannu’s cartoon like faces emblazoned across it for all to see. But lets not detract from the main campaign Delay No More.

You can be assured looking round social media that the protest that occurred on Saturday will be far from a one-off, but lets remember any future efforts will need to remain peaceful, trouble-free, non racist and respectful to club staff. The club staff have done such a sterling job under difficult circumstances in which they have had to work, while at the same time giving their full backing to Lee Clark and his team.

With things changing all the time you can be sure their will be more to follow in the fans pursuit of the well-being of Birmingham City FC and its future.


Please remember any future protest must remain within the law if this campaign is to stand any chance of success, Something I’m sure we can do for the good of Birmingham City Football Club


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