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October 24, 2013 by Made In Brum


In Recent weeks a new Group has appeared on Facebook calling themselves BCFC Fans United Protest Group aimed at giving fans the chance to be part of a peaceful protest.

The Group was put together by a few fans fed up with the goings on at the club ref the sale and lack of investment in the playing side which is hampering Lee Clark in his attempt to make sure BCFC remain in the Championship mid-table ranks until such a time when investment is available to strengthen the current squad.

While personally i have never been in favour of a protest, Since the people it would be aimed at would not be in attendance, I do think it’s got to the stage where fans feel that they need to do something or at least be seen to be doing something and this group certainly seems to have gained the support of many Bluenose Facebook users 1366 so far and 227 Twitter Followers.

Any protest would need to be peaceful for it to have any impact for the right reasons just like the Coventry City fans did recently, At same time being vocal in letting the powers that be whether that be Club, FA, or Government representatives showing that Birmingham City Fans have had enough of the carry on behind the scenes.

A statement from BCFC Fans United Group Said

I will try to keep this as short and to the point as possible. what we (and by we i mean every single fan who wants to be involved) are trying to achieve is a successful protest/protests against the owners of BCFC we will not exclude those who wish to go and those who wish not to games as this can and will only work if we go about it in a unified way. this is about us the fans and how we need to act before it is too late. keep right on and here is a link to our facebook and twitter account.

A protest was planned pre-season but for one reason or another it did not materialise, but now it seems that the time has come for fans to show what they think of the situation and Unite since all we care about is BCFC.

No Sale, Not knowing what the future will bring, This needs sorting out & Now is the time for Blues fans to voice their disapproval of how our club is being dealt a bad hand by the present owners.

A representative can also be heard on Monday’s Blues Show http://sports-radio.co.uk/radio/ 7.30pm – 9pm






10 thoughts on “BCFC Fans United Protest Group

  1. We deserve better, Carson and pannu clear off, we hate you

  2. Richard says:

    Who are we going to protest to no owners are even in country so wat will they care

    • Made In Brum says:

      The thing is maybe they won’t be coming back but if any protest is done right it will get the media attention and they will get to hear about it, Just like they did when Mr GP went on Tom Ross show

      • BigKev says:

        a total boycott for one or two games ! choose a game and we turn up but do not enter St Andrews ! We inform the press so they are there , the aim would be a peaceful protest that would , shame the owners , and show the football league the passion we have for our club ! We take banners that show our support for Lee Clark , who has in difficult circumstances , done a minor miracle ! The supporters clubs all need to be contacted to get them on board as well ,we need them , they have more contacts than individuals and will haveoar the passion required for a protest like this . So on a given date , we all turn up , stand outside the club , while the game is being played and voice our protests . It will be hard for us to do as we all love BCFC ,but we need to do something . Imagine the boards embarrassment in front of the cameras , when , we are all there outside supporting Lee Clark and the lads ,while depriving them of money which they would not be putting into the club anyway ! It will hurt me to do this ,as it will do everyone but it needs to done ! Carson Yeung is still pulling the strings , he may have resigned , but he has his son and brother in law on the board at Blues !!!!! This needs to be sorted still !

  3. nigel burford says:

    the only way is set a date and after that don’t by any more tickets or goods from the club

    • Big Kev says:

      Absolutely agree with you , a total boycott for one or two games to show support for Lee Clark , and to send a clear message to the owners that enough is enough ! We have the best fans in the country , who are being totally ignored by the board . I know it would hurt us all to do it , but which is better ? A real protest from us all being united as one where we actually show the world what this fantastic club means to us all OR , letting this shower of crooks destroy the club that is in all our hearts ? Blues means the world to us all so can we be strong and boycott the club for a couple of games ? We could make it clear that we are behind Lee Clark all the way but show the world our total contempt for the board ! KRO

      • BlueNose1875 says:

        Best idea of all , 1 or 2 games would work to get our feelings out to the press and football league . the longer we remain quiet the more it encourages everyone that we don’t care about Blues ! No violence , just a peaceful boycott that cannot be ignored . If violence occurs it would demean us to the world . Big Kev you are right in everything you say , we need the supporters groups to organise this properly . Do it right we might achieve something , what have we got to lose ? If we do nothing then the damage done to our club will continue . Come on The Blues !

  4. chrish says:

    we can protest as Yeung told Often Partisan that he listened to the matches on the radio, so in turn he probably watches when we’re on tv.
    Imo, we should boycott the start of a game for 20 mins, 30 mins or even the whole first half when we next have a live match so the whole world can see a near empty stadium even if it was only for part of the game.
    Then those that want to support the team but not boycott a whole game could enter St Andrews and get behind the team.
    A win situation for all of us?

  5. I.Roth says:

    I don’t think Carson knows the deep feeling of upset the fans have. After all he is miles away with his own troubles. Wish the case was over and we could know our fate. We will have to know very soon.
    It is a shame we will have to resort to protesting; this means the fans are unhappy and we are.
    As long as it is peaceful; organised and no litter, then I am all for it.

  6. Alan Watton says:

    BOycott all Chinese business .

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