Rebirth of MY Blues


June 18, 2013 by Made In Brum

By Ray Hobrow ( @Bluehobba)

Well it's now mid June and I have to say I'm feeling quite upbeat about season 2013/14 for the Blues. As a follower for over 35 years I am no different to any other supporter except I realise now that as I am getting older I am certainly getting wiser. Between the ages of 15-30 say (I can't properly recall) but I never had a care in the world of what happened off the pitch to my beloved Blues. Yes times were hard in the Wheldon/Kumar era's but so long as Blues were playing I didn't care. Living 40 miles away, no matter where Blues were playing, I would be there. I just turned up at the games and didn't even know who was in the squad as I didn't have as much access to the local papers as the fans living in Brum did but so long as it was confirmed 3pm or 7.45 kick off, I was always going to be there.

As you get older your circumstances change but once a blues fan always a blues fan. If you can afford it, I realised you must go. With so much going on off the pitch in the last couple of seasons, I realise now how much it has affected and divided Blues fans in all aspects. Some people not happy with season ticket prices, admission prices, where the money goes, strength of squad, money for squad, management, tactics and performances. I could go on and on and on.

With all that has and is still going on in the background, something tells me that there is a good sized nucleus of Blues fans that will always be there no matter what stands in there way. There will always be a BCFC as we will make sure of that, We have a decent kit sponsor in Diadora and we also have a local sponsor in Nicolites. My opinion is it could have been much worse and it provides some form of revenue for the club. I am of the understanding that there is still a link to the EZE Group so that can only be good.

For the first time in 3 years we will also have a football shirt available for the fans to purchase in time for the season kick off but am informed it could be ready for pre season. As I said earlier I am quite upbeat. As a club and fans, we are also doing our best to support a local charity in "Help Harry Help Others" and please forgive me if I'm wrong but when was the last time that Blues took a charity like that to heart and embraced it like they have.

We now have Blues Liaison Collective, Blues Trust and Forza Blues along with various forums all trying to make a difference with their sole aim to help Blues fans with their match day experience.

On the field Lee Clark is trying to assemble a youthful side along with a handful of experienced pro's. Whether it will work out I have no idea but what I do know is I have learned to distance myself from the off field distractions and gone back to my upbringing where match day was all about the match and my heroes, my beloved Blues.

What the players really need right from the season's kick off is for all Blues fans, both at home and away games is to come together and cheer the players on. Whether it be a 5000 crowd or 25000 crowd, all we can do is get behind them. As for 2013/14 season, bring it on as I can't wait for it to start. No matter what is put in front of me, I will be there.

Keep Right On


6 thoughts on “Rebirth of MY Blues

  1. Les Samuels says:

    Cudnt agree more
    Just 51 years ive been a blue.

  2. If Blues can produce attacking entertaining football then the BLUENOSES will turn out in force..

    We have zero to lose so I hope the players, manager and fans just enjoy themselves.

    Some of the best times as a BLUENOSE was following Blues when we went down to the old 3rd division.. we just did not care and had a party every game..

    We will do what we want,
    we will do what we wa…nt.
    Were Birmingham City,
    we will do what we want

    Keep Right On

  3. Neil Wall says:

    I just wanted to say what a fantastic and positive article…it’s easy to feel sorry for ourselves but as I always say it could be worse, for example your missis could be a vile fan or your chairman could be in court..!

    Thank you for being so upbeat and may I say thank you often partisan for all there efforts as well in providing some great articles..!


  4. francis8 says:

    Fantastic positive article. Lee Clark seems to be doing a great job selling the club to new players, he now needs to sell it to the fans much like you have above. Clark will never be a Barry Fry (who will) but he does have Magic Johnson in his ranks who I think he should use to motivate stayaway fans. Kro

  5. Russ..... says:

    No problems with what happens on the field,as long as those lucky enough to wear the blue shirt give it 100%….as long as they do we the fan base will get behind them,that’s what we do we’re blues.
    What hurts is the way that these financial rapists have brought a cup winning side to its knees in little over two years….. Someone somewhere knows more than what they are letting on….we as the rank and file need answers and quick….. I fear for the future of our club as we now it
    KRO and all that…..

  6. evergreen blue says:

    Well written mate. Well balanced article, and very true. Once a Blue, always a Blue. No matter who the owners are. There will always be BCFC.

    Blues are for life.

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