What will it be this season?


March 31, 2013 by jamesrichmond98

Writing this piece on Easter Sunday you would have thought that this question would have been answered a few weeks ago. However this is the Npower Championship we arePredictor (2) talking about and with the league being as tightly contested as ever we could still really end up in a variety of positions.

A few weeks ago it was looking like lower mid-table mediocrity, potentially flirting with relegation. But 3 wins on the bounce and the picture suddenly seems a whole lot brighter with us sitting the heady heights of 10th place.

Yes we could still end up getting dragged back into it but Blues are now looking comfortable at the back (maybe because Caldwell has not been playing in the last few games) and playing with confidence and purpose which has not been seen since last season.

The playoffs now also seem like a genuine possibility for the first time since August. Of course it is very difficult to predict the possible outcomes and mathematical permutations of the remaining seven fixtures so I have used the aid of the ‘BBC Sport Predictor’ to try and gain a more clear understanding of what we can expect for the remainder of the season.


3 thoughts on “What will it be this season?

  1. chrisj says:

    who knows but wolves only getting two more points? nah, they’ll get more than that, but not today hopefully.
    don’t use anything belonging to useless biased bbc.

  2. Made In Brum says:

    I did same predictor after Crystal Palace and got us in same position with 69 points but only 1pt behind 6th place, Shame that it looks like the run may have started One win too late but still fingers crossed.

  3. Unfortunately I think that we have just left ourselves either too much to do but if we finish in 7th I will be happy. I wanted to try and get us into the playoffs but realisticly I just don’t think that we will do it

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