Cometh the hour – Cometh the Fan

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March 31, 2013 by Made In Brum

Let’s face it fellow Bluenoses , this year has been one of the worse media years in our history.

The Club has been in turmoil from the start of the season, where the only certainty we have had all year has been uncertainty.

Every week there is another breaking story about another scandal going on behind the scenes.

We get behind every breaking story and demand the club tell the ‘truth’. We seem to applaud every story that hints at any wrong doing.

Some,in their despair, have even turned on our local journalists because they feel they are not asking the “right” questions.

The Knock on effect of all these questions is that it appears there has been less information coming from the club than ever before.

I have gone over most of the allegations since the beginning of the year and as yet none of the so-called scandals have been confirmed and none of the club’s initial statements have been changed to answer the questions. Admittedly the odd clarification has been required but after the club’s clarifying statement there seems despondency as if we were all hoping for something more.

Even the last month we have had allegations of wrong doing ,10% commission on sales and turnover turns out to be 10% on litigation no win no fee.

“We sold 2! we sold 2!” – club announcement – Oh, so we did, forgot about Jarvis.

We need to stop hoping for more scandalous revelations because they ain’t coming.

We need to stop thinking that if our local journo’s asked the “right” question they would receive some form of confessional answer, and let them report about BLUES.

Please don’t think that I believe everything is perfect- far from it – just think that most of the so called scandals are wrapped up in company law, too complicated for me and there is far more intelligent men than me looking for it and if they find something they will shout it from the roof tops and so they should.

So back to the title:

Cometh the hour- Cometh the fan 

With only seven games to go, now more than ever it is time to show the opposition tablewhy we are the best and loudest fans in the country.

As FORZABLUES say, all we can do is back the players and BACK THE SHIRT.

We have 7 more games until we are sold.

We have 7 games to see if we can sing our lads into the playoffs.

If we can’t get them there lets have a laugh and enjoy trying.



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