Club’s should be punished for poor pitches


February 10, 2013 by Made In Brum

In Saturday’s draw at Charlton, Blues had to play on a pitch that was truly awful. The Valley pitch was not at the quality that should be expected from a team in the second tier of English football and I have played on many better pitches at Sunday League level. This is a common problem in the championship with Huddersfield, Charlton and Blackpool all playing last weekend’s fixtures on unsatisfactory playing surfaces.

Charlton's groundsman getting to grips with the mud bath

Charlton’s groundsman getting to grips with the mud bath

As the Npower Championship continues to increase in quality and excitement, fundamental things like pitches should be of the highest order and some of the surfaces that we have seen recently are not acceptable at this level of the game. If things like stands and basic facilities are not adequate for the appropriate level of the game, the authorities would be expected to serve punishment to the club in question. The same should apply to pitches. In a way  teams are already being punished e.g. Before yesterday Blackpool had just one win in eleven home games which many claim is down to the poor pitch.

I do accept that over the course of the season pitches will deteriorate slightly but the pitch at Bloomfield Road and the one at The Valley yesterday are just not good enough and action should be taken. If fines or points deductions were given as sanctions then we would not be seeing pitches that belong back in the 1970s.

At the end of the day, we fans are paying to see football matches and we want to see some quality and pitches like this mean that we can’t see this quality so everybody is a loser.

By James Richmond (@jimmyricho98)


28 thoughts on “Club’s should be punished for poor pitches

  1. brumie12 says:

    suppose its the only hope Brum have of moving up the table

  2. matt says:

    Mind you scum should be playing on a bowling green with all that shit on it every other week!

  3. bigRed says:

    Maybe you should worry about how awful your team are! Truly woeful. Worst team I have seen this season…in both matches!

    • matt says:

      Bighead stay off our sites! You can’t beat us either considering how truly truly woeful we are! Oh! your goalkeeper looks homosexual infact i thought it was Rylan clark!

  4. Se7 says:

    Hmm…well Charlton seemed to manage okay on a “bad” pitch?! We just cannot play football. We were outplayed, out-fought, and out-thought.

    Both teams have to play on it. Yes it wasn’t great, but Charlton adapted better than we did. Simple.

    • matt says:

      We were outplayed, out-fought, and out-thought! Do not take an overdose!

      The game finished 1-1 and if marlon king had taken one of three clear chances we would have won the game! No points for pretty football i’m afaid it’s a results business!

    • chrisj says:

      but the home team will adapt, they play on it every fortnight.
      don’t think we can say too much though, i remember our pitch was awful around 2008 when we had the pitch relaid twice in a year after underground heating and new drainage was installed.

  5. Gazz says:

    Some of our passing in the first half would have been slick on a good pitch. BUT, seeing the surface should force you to adapt a more direct style

    • BluesMad says:

      Maybe it would of been better on a decent pitch? But they played nice stuff? Was a woeful pitch. Still doesn’t hide the fact we were poor, and I was relieved when Wade got the goal!!

  6. Gazz says:

    It was clear that charlton were used to such a sh*t pitch. If man utd had to play on that, you’d never hear the end of it

  7. Adam Cottrell says:

    Seen the St Andrews pitch in terrible conditions in the past, even in the premiership! The weather has played a big part in the quality of playing surfaces over the last couple of months & some have suffered more than others. Huddersfield, for example, have a brand new £500k Grassmaster pitch, which is widely recognised as the best you can buy. The plastic inserts prevents it from cutting up, unlike ordinary pitches.. Wembley had major issues with theirs until the Grassmaster pitch was installed.
    Once the cold snap has passed im sure the quality of the surfaces will improve!

    As for a points deduction.. Get a grip man!!!!

  8. matt says:

    Blackpool season ticket holder !!!! I totally agree !! We are taking beachballs to the next home game !! Our pitch is an utter disgrace !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Club’s should be punished for poor pitches.


    The fans should not be punished for poor owners.

    Good to see you at the game yesterday..


  10. Graham says:

    what is acceptable? and who made you judge? And on what evidence do you judge the pitches above. I was at Huddersfield where both teams played some great football.

  11. matt says:

    Valley boy is having a breakdown!

  12. david says:

    Get off your high horse, If the Birmingham pitch had decent football on it, it might look in bad shape. Considering the bad weather in these places. Typical Birmingham always the sore losers.

  13. Paul Bates says:

    Punishing clubs really isnt practical, Huddersfield towns pitch against Cardiff looked atrocious and Makay said it was the worst pitch they had played on, by your reasoning Huddersfield should be punished, but the damaged was caused by the Huddersfield Giants rugby team who share the stadium, mot only that Huddersfield town do not own there stadium the stadium is owned by a private company, Kirklees stadium development ltd ( who Huddersfield town are no longer sharholders in, but thats a different story) who are responsible for ALL stadium maintenance including the pitch.
    So Hiddersfield town would be being punished for the state of the pitch that they have absolutely no control over

  14. Gazz says:

    Valley boy keeps saying we’re sh*t, yet charlton are something like 1 point better off than us and haven’t beat us in 2 games. I’d say they are obviously a bad as we are then!

    He obviously thinks charlton are a massive club when no other london club gives 2 hoots about them!

  15. Nick says:

    Stop huffing and puffing about the pitches, TF and Kenny Burns could have played on it!

  16. Pitbull says:

    What utter nonsense. The Valley pitch is in the state it is because it was covered in snow for a week before the club did all it could to make it playable for a match against Sheffield Wednesday two weeks ago and it’s been raining for most of the time since.

    If there were fines or points deductions the snow would have been left on, the Sheffield match called off and no risks taken with the pitch in an attempt to make it playable.

  17. Mart shaw says:

    Agree,however seem to remember brum having a shocker of a pitch a few years ago.the pitch was relayed mid season but was even worse!

  18. steve 0 says:

    Being as there are no rules on what the pitch should even be made of (it was acceptable for matches at Stamford Bridge to played on sand a few years ago) there is little argument on docking points or fining clubs for poor pitches. It’s a ridiculous idea that cannot be measured and will almost certainly be down to one man’s opinion. The referee can rule the pich unplayable and postpone the game, but other than that leave it alone. What’s wrong with a bit of mud anyway? fairies!!!

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