Butland, Davies, Redmond, Burke & King latest


January 30, 2013 by Made In Brum

The eve of transfer deadline day will always create a stir. Stories and rumours float around all over the place, but what can you believe? We have been keeping a close eye on proceedings today, and after speaking to several contacts, we have tried to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. By the time you read this, it may all have changed. Below is the situation at 6.00pm.

JACK BUTLAND- It was reported today that Blues had accepted a £3.5m bid from Chelsea for the young goalkeeper. This is NOT the case. Dialogue was started between the two clubs, and Jack Butland ruled out a move if assurances about first team football were not made. No offer was made. Stoke City have declared interest in him.

CURTIS DAVIES- Wolves made a cheeky double offer for Davies and Marlon King, which was quickly rejected by Blues. They made it clear that the players would not be sold to a rival. Reports suggest that Norwich City have tabled a bid which has also been turned down. Reading have been sniffing around, but haven’t made an approach. Other reports state that Blues have advised interested parties that Davies ‘is not available’.

NATHAN REDMOND- Rumours suggesting that Watford have tabled a £2m bid for Redmond have been denied by the Birmingham City. They say it is nonsense.

CHRIS BURKE- Two bid’s from Nottingham Forest have been turned down. Forest confirmed they will not be making a third bid.

MARLON KING- Other than Wolves’ offer mentioned above, no other bid’s have been made for King. Reports state that Blues have advised clubs that King, as well as Davies, ‘is unavailable’. It is unclear how accurate that last statement is.

After telling the world that Blues desperately need to sell players, so far, all offers have been rejected. Take what you hear on Sky Sports and from tabloids with a pinch on salt, they have their own agenda’s and can not always be trusted. The usual reliable contacts being Colin Tattum, Tom Ross or the club itself.


13 thoughts on “Butland, Davies, Redmond, Burke & King latest

  1. scooterbri says:

    Lets just hope it stays like that ! The only one i would be looking to get rid of is big zig hes not worth the money he is on

  2. chrisj says:

    If no acceptable offers are forthcoming, i just wonder where that will leave us.
    Is it brinkmanship that may work or fail big time?
    It’s pointless taking 500k here and there if we need £3 million or is Pannu trying to get short term loans guaranteed via the next parachute payments or certain players to be sold in the summer?

  3. Barmy Brian says:

    My view is that the players should now make a stand on behalf of the fans by not leaving the club. I know that if they do leave the club gets more money but as far as I can see that would just goto the Chinese. I am asking the players to stand with the fans, put their fingers up to the Chinese and let the club go into administration. That way we will at least still have our best players and a fighting chance. The alternative is if the best players go we will hit rock bottom anyway with not much chance of getting off the floor anytime soon. If our players refused to be sold that demonstration will be heard by the Chinese and will have more effect than anything the fans could do. By the way is it true that we are due a £14 million balloon payment from the premier league at the end of the season? And is it true that if we go into administration we will not be entitled to this payment? If this is the case, administration would be a great way to hurt the Chinese would it not?

    • Made In Brum says:

      Money made from transfer fee’s will NOT go to the Chinese. This is a myth. It is illegal for them to do that. It is BCFC’s money and by law will have to go to the club.

      • stuart says:

        Did they not do exactly that with the Xtep shirt sponsors money?

      • Made In Brum says:

        No. The deal was that Blues ended up owing XTep money for the exposure they gave us in China. It was an awful deal yes, but money wasn’t just magically taken out of the club by anyone.

        It was Vico Hui who confirmed the deal- he was out on his ear soon after. Pannu told him to resign when he got wind of the situation.

        I know the board seem dodgy, but they cannot sell a player and then just take the money for themselves. Its illegal and wouldn’t happen.

  4. Tim says:

    The club itself as a reliable source?!??!!! Do me a favour

  5. James Worrall says:

    You could never believe anything that comes from the so called directors of Birmingham City FC,We all should know this..the quicker there gone the better.

  6. Barmy Brian says:

    so we don’t know about the balloon payment then
    has anyone heard the name Pollyanna Chow

  7. johnboyblue says:

    I would think “made in brum”, there is no way you could prove, what the people who own the club,will do with any money that comes into the club,unless you personally, know them. They have covered all their tracks so far,who says that will change. What ever happens,lets hope no one leaves the club,which will boost us all and then a big win on Saturday. KRO

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