Sale on at B9


January 27, 2013 by Made In Brum

If we believe all we read in the press then anything that moves in B9 is available – except for Lee Clark. It would be astonishing if it were true. I just can’t believe a hard-nosed businessman like Pannu would let a situation get so out of control. So many combinations and factors will come into play in the next few days. Who is sold, or more importantly who remains. Are any investors out there waiting for their moment?

A few weeks ago Pannu was reasonably bullish and holding out for a figure his employers demand. He appeared to be holding a winning hand. It now looks like desperation and potential administration if the cards don’t add up.

The short-term future of Birmingham City will be determined by the playing staff left come the end of January. Depending on who those players are will dictate our financial plight. If Zigic doesn’t move on he may well score the goals that keep us in the Championship – but equally his wages could destroy us. Any other sales would be a short-term fix just extending the painful demise. It’s going to  be a tough few months on and off the field.

It may transpire Pannu had a losing had all along.

All we can do is be positive – be proud of our club and its history. Support the manager, players and hard-working staff. Laugh at the Villa!

Oh…..and pray!


John Clarke


9 thoughts on “Sale on at B9

  1. Sean Flanagan says:

    “a hard-nosed businessman like Pannu”. No he isn’t

  2. Alan Watton says:

    I think the praying is the best idea.
    I think administration would get Blues out of the hands of PP and sold very quickly.
    10 points off would leave us 2 points fron safety and with the current squad intact ‘do-able’

    No administration just means PP keeps his salary going but still no viable future.

  3. Steve says:

    We could go 11 points clear of the drop zone with a win aggainst mcjudas on Saturday. We’re back on the up, so lets bring along a mate and get a big crowd to roar us on next week!

  4. matt says:

    Butland will be sold before thursday and realistically £3m is as much as we can hope for but we must make sure we have a sell on clause incorporated into any sale and maybe a loan back agreement! With the sale of the club possibly taking place mid march onwards surely no more sales would be necessary or am i missing something? Hold your nerve pannu we don’t need a firesale wait til thursday unless you have another use for any money received! (wink! wink! or should that be chink! chink!)

  5. glyn rees says:

    Hi lads and any lasses new on here. I think we will sell only 2 player if it the right 2????????????
    BUTLAND- maybe as much as 5m but I would include a sell on clause and them giving us or loaning a top class young player. I dont think he will go unless we get a loan back.
    KING- cant see the the point of selling our top scorer, just to get 15k off the salary per week and maybe 500k in the kitty.
    ZIGGY- he must go but I cant see it.
    DAVIS- 2 or 3m is all we would get plus 28 k per week of our wage bill. I would hope he does not go any where. Here are the 2 that I hope we could get away with and not cost the team to much in the skill department at present.
    BURKE= has been very disappionting this season and could get near 1m and top earner off the books.
    REDMOND- a very poor season and needs to be the one to save us could fetch 3 or 4m
    There could be other small bits like Keef, Pablo,Gomis and loverman.
    Kro4ever Daddyblue

  6. matt says:

    Butland only!

  7. BUTLAND ONLY but to be loaned back same as ZAHA Palace deal

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