Goodbye Papa


January 17, 2013 by Made In Brum

Papa Bouba Diop has left Blues today after his short term contract expired. Lee Clark confirmed that the club’s finances would not allow him to offer the Senegalese midfielder a further month’s deal.

Diop made just two appearances for Blues, scoring the equaliser against Crystal Palace in the process.

Clark said- “We are not keeping him on because of the situation the club finds itself in. He is a talented footballer who still has got a lot to offer, but unfortunately we cannot keep pursuing that deal. Of course I would have wanted to keep him. Forget my relationship with him and playing alongside him because that’s never come into the equation. What’s been the important thing is that he’s a good player and a fantastic character”.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Papa

  1. ESONEULB says:

    We are cutting everything back we can just to survive by the sounds of it.. which such a young squad a player like this will be missed a lot by the players. Not sure all fans will!!

    KRO Papa

  2. :Letsby Avenue says:

    WELL ! ! !

    Thanks Papa,

    And thanks for the really good words from a straight-up guy.

    Lee Clark knows the money he has, (or lack of it 🙂 ) he knows he might have to cut corners and Papa was a corner-cutting exercise I think.

    Lee Clark, like Chris Hughton, seems to be ruled by physios, sport scientists,doctors and medics when he contemplates picking a side.

    Whether this is to do with insurance, PFA commitments or common sense, we won’t know. Ever.

    Papa, we all know was not match fit, also, he was a friend and colleague of Lee Clark…so that gave rise to the “Ambrose/Mullins/Lovenkrands” abuse by the footie-know-alls.

    He was a ‘corner-cutter’ under Clark’s remit, but after he did his ligament again there was no way he coulkd be kept on.

    Look at the years of splendour and the magnaminous Alex.

    We let McFadden be treated and sometimes train in a kickabout and go back to the treatment table…when he had refused to sign a new contract and was pubclicly available for a new club, at NO COST, whilst he continued his rehab at Blues.


    Hands up everyone who knows HOW LONG the Fradds had this ‘free treatment’…where he pushed 1st team players down the line for physio treatment..when he wasn’t an employee?

    Just a freeloading guest of McLeish’s.

    Now, Lee Clark hasn’t done that !

    He’s played a straight bat, by saying he’d have Papa back if finances dictated.

    Well done Lee Clark.

    Some of us fans appreciate you.

    Now, do a Revie…go from being a mate to being a ‘demander’

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