Forest’s Burke bid rejected


January 10, 2013 by Made In Brum

Nottingham Forest have today had a bid for Chris Burke rejected by Birmingham City, according to Sky Sports.

New Forest manager Alex McLeish signed Burke from Cardiff just weeks before he left his post as Blues manager.

It is unclear whether Blues have rebuffed the offer in hope of more money, or because they don’t want to deal with McLeish.


15 thoughts on “Forest’s Burke bid rejected

  1. scooterbri says:

    Burke has not had the best this season but we need to keep him nothing to do if the ginger judas wants him or not !!!!!

  2. Ivan says:

    He is starting slowly to find his form, but I would be surprised if we got 750k for him now

  3. les says:

    disgracefull scottish p***k cant wait for 2nd of feb

  4. rossendale red says:

    Please don’t hate the forest fans – we don’t want him either!

  5. Lozza says:

    You’d be lucky to have him mate, you are forest not barcelona

  6. bigred says:

    Lozza you sound like a typical Birmingham fan always thinking brum are bigger and better than they actually are…. Jealous of forest and villa because they have both actually won something of note! If forest do want Burke then you should snap the ginger ones hands off before you end up like Pompey!

  7. Lozza says:

    Bigred- I am not saying Blues are big. we all know we’re not. However, how can you (a forest fan) moan about signing burke who last season was one of, if not THE best winger in the league?

  8. Lozza says:

    And jealous of villa?? Pah. you are both historians

  9. Bart says:

    Why would Blues (a mediocre championship side) be jealous of forest (a mediocre championship side) unless it is due to history?

  10. bigred says:

    Yes we always get accused of going on about our history but that’s only because we have one!… Have you never heard anyone say England won the World Cup in 1966?…and yes we are both mediocre championship sides but ad it stands only one of us as money hence why Burke (being a footballer) may have his head turned in leaving for forest. I myself don’t rate him even when he was at Cardiff.

  11. bigred says:

    P.S. brum fans can’t wait till we play you at yours because after the game as finished we are tying McLeish to your ground and going back to Nottingham without him!

  12. Bart says:

    I hope you do, the bloke is a c*nt.

    You clearly didnt see Burke play last season, he was incredible at times. Unfortunately, he hasnt been anywhere near as good this term

    • Redsfanstan says:

      saw Forest beat Barcelona in the European Super Cup , you know the cup that only European Champions can play in. Just thought I’d let you know.

  13. seekerovtruth says:

    blackpool and preston are bigger than forest,it was a one off never to be seen again,you aint a big club.

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