Future points to youth despite profit


January 9, 2013 by Made In Brum

“I want to build a team around the young players”. The words of Lee Clark. See, having all these players packing out the medical room at Wast Hills hasn’t turned out too badly.

The Blues manager has been forced to play these youngsters, but he has been that impressed with them that his long-term view is with them in mind. The likes of Callum Reilly, Will Packwood (when he returns) Mitch Hancox, Eddy Gnahore, Reece Hales, Nick Townsend etc, etc can be the future of the club.

Some articles I’ve read throughout the season have pointed out that Clark struggles to get the more senior players onside. If this is true, then we should all get off his back and let him build with the youth players at his disposal. But my primary concern is that after we’ve sold Nathan Redmond, Chris Burke, Curtis Davies, Jack Butland etc, if we are in this situation again in a future transfer window, who are we going to sell to make a quick buck? Everyone worth a significant amount will already have been sold.

We’ll get to the situation where players like Reilly, who have been bred and moulded through the academy, will be sacrificed, unless the club is sold, of course.

I would be more than happy to see a starting eleven of eight or nine under 20’s and two or three experienced pro’s when we kick off next season in August, hopefully in the Championship (as I severely doubt it’ll be the Premiership).

Blues fans have always moaned that we don’t give home grown talent a chance, so let’s sit back and hope that they all blossom. I know our young players being given a chance is like waiting for a London bus, you wait for one for ages and then six come along at once, but let’s try and enjoy it.

The clubs accounts for the year ending June 2012 were released recently, and it shows a profit of approx £15m. But we still have to sell players. The thing that stood out to me is the directors salary of £687,611. Basically, this is Peter Pannu’s salary. This is what he gets while the club continues to sink. Either that, or this amount has been passed off as a wage and is going elsewhere. Sadly, we’ll never know. But if Pannu is picking up that amount of money, he ought to start earning it and give us some answers. Tom Ross tweeted his shock at that figure today, and I agree with him. But its time for local media to start playing their part. Could you ever see this happening in Liverpool, Newcastle or Manchester? If it did, the media certainly wouldn’t sit back and keep silent, as they seem to be doing in Birmingham


Carson Yeung borrowed Birmingham City (his own business venture) millions of pounds. And he isn’t going to recall it for at least 12 months. Ah, how nice of him. Reading between the lines, he won’t ask for it back until his assets have been un frozen, so the act that seems like a ‘favour’ is actually for personal gain. If he did ask for it back, it would be frozen.

And someone please explain why we’ve made a profit, and will sell more players, yet still can’t afford a nominal fee for Paul Caddis? Oh well. The joy of being a Bluenose, eh!

By Rob Wildey


2 thoughts on “Future points to youth despite profit

  1. Ivan says:

    Something very fishy indeed about the accounts!! Pannu earns as much as Zigic

  2. Lozza says:

    Loving the clarks training picture!

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