Survival is main objective


January 4, 2013 by Made In Brum

Looking at Blues’ current situation, it’s obviously vital for the team to maintain their Championship status. Currently- they sit in 20th in the league table, just four points above the drop-zone. There is no doubt that a relegation scrap is on the horizon.

In the past, the January transfer window has been anticipated with much hope and promise- which player will they sign in a bid to hold onto their top flight status- or push them further into the promotion race. This year is the complete opposite. We all dreaded it arriving now it is here, we all hope it flies past.

Gone are the days of Blues using their financial muscle to mount a lasting promotion bid. Clubs are now using our team to improve theirs normally at cut prices.

Lee Clark has been forced to call upon youth, something that would normally please many fans. But some of these promising young men would benefit from a longer footballing education, but due to the state of the club, the mess Birmingham City are in both in the bank and the treatment room, these lads have been forced to play. They have carried the can with pride and determination, as you’d expect of a youngster making his way in the game, but it’s not ideal to use them abundantly. And that’s not a pop at Clark, in fact, far from it.

The manager has confirmed that at least 10 of the travelling party for Leeds are teenagers. Some more experienced than others (Hall, Redmond, Butland) but still very raw. Talented, but raw.

Now, when Jack Butland departs to pastures new, assuming it happens, you can throw young ‘keeper Nick Townsend’s name into that tender squad. After all, he will be second choice after Colin Doyle.

The optimist in me is still pertaining to thought that eleven points (that’s the gap between Blues and 6th spot) is more than feasible. However, the realist in me thinks that I’d snap your hands off if you offered me a mid-table finish.

What Lee Clark has to do now is establish these youngsters; it is likely that their roles next season will exceed the bit-part operation we’ve witnessed this term; and do everything in his power to dig us out of this hole. He’s a proud and passionate man, so if the worst did happen, it wouldn’t be through lack of effort.

It shouldn’t be this way, I agree. But for that, in the main, we have to take our frustrations out on the people upstairs, namely, Carson Yeung and Peter Pannu. Not that Clark has been unimpeachable. Now and again his comments leaves countless people astounded. I would defend him here though and say it is not due to ignorance, more inexperience at handling certain situations. In the dugout, Clark can be as naïve as these young players are on the pitch.

The point of this article? If you’re a Blues fan, I’m not asking that you agree with me, but I beg you, and all other ‘Noses to forget any animosity you have towards Clark, the players or anyone at the club for that matter as now is a time to come together as one and back the boys to safety. Then, once the objective is successfully completed, grumble all summer if that’s what tickles your fancy. But right now, theres a massive job to be done.

Keep Right On!

Rob Wildey


3 thoughts on “Survival is main objective

  1. Gasbag says:

    yeeeaahhhhh buddy

  2. psmith says:

    What a frightening thought it is that we ask such a lot of raw teenagers. I look at the picture of the 1946 team above my desk and i reckon the average age is about 35 years and i guess not only hardened professionals but world war 2 battle veterans as well. If the lads manage to stave off relegation they will have achieved more than we would expect and will have learned a lot in the process. KRO

  3. grumbleguts says:

    Carson offered stupid money, Sullivan + Gold took it despite having the club’s best interests at heart?! We’re in the sh…ugar and it’ll be 4/5 years before it’s sorted. Carson wont take £30 mil and nobody will pay more so he’ll hang on. Accept a lower level of football and support the team. Clarke (and Lambert) need to learn to talk brummie, awroyt.

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