Clark’s JJ comments out of line


January 2, 2013 by Made In Brum

With Blues’ current injury crisis, including having no available strikers, Lee Clark opted to recall Jake Jervis from his loan spell at Portsmouth. The Cardiff game came around and Jervis was named on the substitutes bench, Clark preferring Ravel Morrison and Nathan Redmond in attack.

No qualms there.

But in his post-match interview, Clark pointed out that Jervis had been farmed out on loan to seven lower league clubs, none of whom attempted to sign him.

What a confidence boost for the young lad that is Lee. Talk about shooting a man down. He could have simply said “I don’t feel Jake is ready yet”.

What must Jervis be thinking now?

And before anyone has a pop at me- I’m not arguing the fact that he was on the bench. That’s up to Clark. But to give a man such a brush-off when you could be relying on him as your only fit striker was ridiculous and out of line.

I sometimes question Clark’s professionalism. Would Steve Bruce, Alex McLeish or Chris Hughton have put a player down as openly as Clark has?

Elsewhere- goalkeeper David Lucas has signed for Fleetwood Town. He joined Blues in the summer and made only one appearance against Barnet in the Capital One cup back in August and had six months of his contract left to run.

By Rob Wildey


19 thoughts on “Clark’s JJ comments out of line

  1. andy says:

    during the first half of this season he has blamed most his squad for shortcomings, the same squad that over achieved when you consider europe last year. this inadequate manager commands respect, i say its about time he earned it.

    • matt says:

      Why did we over achieve? That is what we were capable of with a good manager! Funny when were fourth from bottom the table never lies when were fourth were over achieving! The simple facts are until the injuries killed us we were under achieving with a stronger squad than last season! Fact!

  2. Jack says:

    Treat other how you wished to be treated Lee…

  3. Davie says:

    What’s the problem? Jervis just isn’t up to it, full stop. Clark is giving an honest opinion unlike other managers who lie and waffle. This isn’t the same squad either, that’s now become a myth. Players can’t handle the pressure and the way Yeung and Pannu are running this club is killing us. Want someone to blame, blame them.

    • Made In Brum says:

      Hi Davie

      As you probably know- I have backed Clark and still do. But I think a few issues have baffled me.

      1) You shouldn’t openly criticise a young lad in public.
      2) Is he is so bad- why recall him in the 1st place?
      3) He should be motivating these players. But now, whenever Jervis enters the field, he’s going to feel like a prick, quite frankly.

      I just feel that he could have simply said ‘I don’t think Jervis is ready yet’. Instead, he has practically said- “he’s shite”.

      • Andy says:

        I totally agree that yeung & co are the problem , this article was about Clark , and IMO he is no manager of men, no motivator nor tactician . He is all about graft , which we need but pub team managers are plenty

      • I would agree it gives off a worrying feeling that Clark doesn’t go into these interviews with a plan or agenda. I would prefer a manager to lie if it was for the benefit of the team, and if Jervis is our only fit striker, how’s he going to be motivated? It doesn’t make sense. Plus, my opinion is that 5 goals from 12 games at 3 different League 1 clubs so far this season is actually good return. I would respect that Clark’s personal opinion is different to mine, if so many lower league clubs didn’t want him, then fair enough. What I don’t respect is him being so carelessly open about it. I do sometimes wonder whether Clark actually plans out what he’s going to say before he says it.

        On the whole, I still believe that injuries and the situation with the board is the main factor behind our poor season, and the good performance against Cardiff, who are top of the league and it was a game that we deserved a point from, with more injuries than available players, maintains my belief that the players are still motivated to play for him.

        However, my support for Clark is becoming more orientated around the fact that there’s no point campaigning to get him out – it’s better to support the team – than a genuine strong belief in his credentials, due to his inexperience.

  4. Pete says:

    I was amazed when I read his comments regarding Jervis… Regardless of what he thinks, it should be said behind closed doors.

    Openly criticising an experienced player who has performed badly is one thing (although he won’t do that for some reason) but to have a go publicly at a young lad who hasn’t even had a chance to show what he can do in the first team is just wrong and just confirms why most Blues fans hope to get rid of this idiot as soon as possible.

  5. Peter sparrow says:

    Totally agree. When I heard the interview I couldn’t believe my ears. Clark also referenced 14 year olds in the youth team who weren’t ready either! I’m sure JJ feels 10 feet tall today – NOT!!
    Very poor man management at a time when he needs to squeeze every ounce out of those available.
    Weoley castle bluenose

  6. johnboyblue says:

    Unfortunately, the club is owned by a man under house arrest,and therefore, contributing nothing to the club. His deputy ( Pannu ),for some reason,known only to himself,refuses to (or does not know how to)sell the club. These are, the quite obvious and worrying reasons,why the club is not functioning properly. The majority of business’s that fail,are as a result of bad management. Pannu is the boss of BIHL,a company that has continuosly failed to announce it’s accounts to company house. As the boss,he is ultimately resposible for this.

  7. matt says:

    Lets not let the ginger one get off the hook if he hadn’t got us relegated and became judas we may still be dining at the top table! Feb the 2nd lest we forget!

  8. DanGM3 says:

    I think Clark will be a decent boss- but the job here is beyond him, he doesn’t have the experience to do it at mo.

    Couldn’t we get someone like Owen Coyle just for the short term to get us out of relegation trouble?

  9. JOHNEEE says:

    Can someone tell me who are the 12 players injured that we cannot field at the moment.
    I know of 3 or 4 but I’m told it’s 12.
    Is this correct?

    • Made In Brum says:


      Mullins (in warm-up yesterday)
      Reilly (limped off yesterday)
      Packwood (limped off yesterday)
      Spector (until yesterday)
      Morrison (until yesterday)

      And Zigic is suspended.

      I’ve included all the players who returned yesterday on the injury list as Clark’s comments came prior to the Cardiff game.

  10. AF says:

    It isnt the first time that Lee Clark has publicly criticised his players this season is it?

    He also blamed Redmond for the defeat against Huddersfield and what is really happening with Keith Fahey?

    I think the man is not a great man manager and has no idea how to mould a team.

    Lee Clark no longer has my support and is probably at fault for our fotballing position this season.

  11. Gasbag says:

    I am going to support Clark for the sheer fact that he is the manager; like it or not.

  12. […] a human level it is abysmal man-management and just downright spiteful to slaughter your own (young) player like that to journalists, and gives […]

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