Pannu sheds some light


December 28, 2012 by Made In Brum

Birmingham City acting chairman Peter Pannu has today opened up about the takeover situation and the state of the clubs finances. He also admitted that Jack Butland may be sacrificed in Jauray, as confirmed by Made in Brum days ago.

In an interview to the Birmingham Mail, Pannu said- “Give me a £15 million offer for Jack Butland, can I say no? “I have rejected £6 million from Southampton but I rejected it when our finances were OK.

“As the time is ticking, I might not be able to reject it if I get something similar.” “I do have a responsibility to keep the club running,” “Many eminent managers, players have said it umpteen times, that no one is bigger than the club.

“My top priority now – and if I do offend anyone, I care not – is to make sure this clubs stays afloat.“I will do what I have to do and buy some time to ensure that I can hand this club over to good people who can take us to the next level.“Ziggy obviously is earning a lot of money here. He’s a very good guy, a gentleman, a gentle giant and I have got lots of time for him.“But I can’t shy away from the fact that we are paying a lot of money which I’m sure we can’t. He realises that“.

“We might have to consider his position in January“.

“There are other players who are earning a lot of money, at least four, five players I’d hope weren’t earning that much. “It might be the case that if opportunities arise I will have to look at that.”

Pannu has also confessed that manager Lee Clark will not be able to make any cash signings in the transfer window, but may, if the finances allow, be able to bring in players on loan.

Currently, Blues have Paul Caddis, Rob Hall and Ravel Morrison on loan and Papa Bouba Diop and Paul Robinson are on short term deals.

Whether the money can be drummed up to make Caddis’ deal a permanent one in the summer remains to be seen, but Clark should be able to make Robinson’s deal a longer one.

Blues fans knew player sales were the likely option if the club wasn’t sold so a lot of what Pannu has said isn’t surprising.

Takeover talks continue with Gianni Paladini’s consortium, however, Pannu wants assurances on who his backers are. He told the Birmingham Mail- “I had a representative here from his group. We met. We had a chat.

“He was not willing to indicate to me who this consortium consisted of. “I am not even sure if Paladini is the purchaser. I know not.

“Paladini’s name is mentioned. I don’t even know now whether he is part of the consortium or whether he is just a broker doing a deal.

“They know my priorities as to how I want this to be done. “They have got to give me indications of who they are, they have got to give me a vision of what they have got for the club, they have to disclose to me who this consortium consists of”.

He also confirmed that they are “dealing with” a big group in Hong Kong.

“It is no secret that there are two parties in Hong Kong that we have been dealing with,” “The fans also know that my preferred party, which was reported in the media, the Charles Chan and SMEG group, unfortunately did not transpire.

“But we still have another very big party we are dealing with in Hong Kong.”

You can read the full interviews in the Birmingham Mail by clicking on the following links-

You can also listen to the full interview on Free Radio 80’s tonight from 6pm.


2 thoughts on “Pannu sheds some light

  1. chrisj says:

    he says no one is bigger than the club and he needs it to stay afloat, but what will be left if this saga drags on for another 12 months? they have been trying to sell the club for over 12 months now and can’t find a mug to buy it for the rip off price.
    The club is only worth £25 million and it will be even lower once assets are sold like Butland, then you have to take the debts off this price.
    By the summer or next Xmas all the assets will be sold and the club will be on the brink of league one if it doesn’t happen this season, unless they find a buyer or investment very soon.

  2. johnboyblue says:

    He keeps on blaming relegation and players wages for Blues financial problems. We were relegated, because of his, and Carson’s lack of investment and apart from Zigic,there is only a couple of players on “high” wages. Also, he conveniently forgets the very good parachute payments,the club is still receiving. They should sell the club sooner,rather than later,because,with the sale of more players,the value of the club,will nosedive at an alarming rate.

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