Redmond thanks Clark

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December 22, 2012 by Made In Brum

Nathan Redmond has admitted that Lee Clark played an integral part in helping him refocus after his form on the pitch was so bad, he was dropped from the entire squad.

The 18 year-old was dropped before the Bristol City clash at St. Andrews at the start of November and he has only recently played his way back in.

Redmond said- “When we spoke at the start of the season, I said I was just looking to be a regular,”.

“I had my little spell in the team, six or seven games, and at the moment I’m trying to get back in again.

“It’s been the way I’ve trained. I hadn’t been training as well and the gaffer left me out of the squad because of it.

“I went and spoke to him a few days afterwards and I had to thank him because he opened up my eyes as to how quickly you can fall off, out of the game.

“These past couple of weeks I’ve been working hard in training and got myself on the bench again and now I’m pushing for a start because I know that there is a place for me and I’m only being stopped by myself.

He continued- “In terms of last season, I’m not trying to dwell on it.

“This season hasn’t been great. There have been patches where I have been good, there have been patches where I’ve been awful, patches where I’ve been not so bad”.

“It’s that second-season blip in the Championship kind of thing”.

The undoubted potential that Redmond possesses has been overshadowed by his anonymous performances this season. Blues fans eyes have been opened with regards to the man they thought could be a world beater when he flew on to the scene in the Europa League play-off against Nacional last August.

The performance that night was one of the best witnessed by a young player at St. Andrews. Unfortunately, his form since has been nowhere near as impressive.

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